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can figured out, one second is all, some things, life can not figure out, life is imprisoned. What you really need is to learn to grow up in time to get a self-healing ability. And all this has nothing to do with the length of time. ┬áI have also given a lot of people to 'time' the so-called omnipotent prescription, but I never boasted that time let us forget a bit or deepforward or shallow feelings, I just tell them, a long time, will fade, will again Habits of this person never exist in life, you will not forget, you will only know how to deal with the subsequent emergence of that one. Now want to come, I also step by step growth, step by step correction.´╗┐Everyone's childhood, there is a small shop, shop is an array of food. And his childhood in the small shops, but not the same as others, it is a mobile trolley, carts filled with a few small barrels, each barrel are filled with eight treasure porridge. It is the grandfather business shops, every day, she must be very early, the first day of soaking rice, red dates, green beans and other grains on the coal fire cook, blue flame simmer a grain of grain full of grain. Every night with a crisp bean fragrance and fell asleep in the morning in the cooked valley Air Jordan 10 incense to wake up. These tastes gave him the warmth of the world. He and his grandmother from the note when living, did not listen to grandmother talked about his parents story. Young children, do not know how to distinguish between parents and Air Max 90 grandmother love, just feel that there are individuals to rely on the morning there is a bowl of warmth of the little stomach of the eight-treasure porridge, is happiness. In the morning, the sun climbed up the green vines of the yard, and on the dustpan of the grandmother, but also on the small sieve of her squid and the old well of the mouth. Grandmother pushed porridge car came from the outside, she looked at the door waiting for the little grandson waiting for the door. She gave grandchildren a bowl of rice bowl full of rice, gave him a dish of vegetables, this is his breakfast. Grandmother said that every morning a bowl of porridge, you can stomach. People's stomach, to start from a good conservation, so as to grow the table. 'Then I will have porridge every morning, long tall, powerful to help grandmother carts to sell porridge. 'The child, the grandmother, the strength of the cart, you will go to school, and grandmother will push the porridge car has been for you to finish the university. The original, dependent, but also a love. Spring to autumn, rattan leaves off a place, grandmother just washed the grain, heard a knock on the door. 'Your child is playing over the ocean and let you pick up.' She rubbed her wet hands on her clothes and walked into the phone with her neighbors. 'How old?' 'Six and a half years old, your own children you do not remember much.' 'Do you want to go to school? 'I do not have to worry about you, I saved him with tuition.' 'Do you have to go abroad and take him to school.' Only heard a burst of toot sound. Did not wait for this side and then open, there has been hung up the phone. 'Let me say, this child you give them to raise it, you are so big age can live for many years ah.' Neighbors persuade. 'Oh, I do not have to be reluctant to do, children to be good to take good.' 'His own parents, you are still worried that they do not take a good job.' 'If they are willing to take a good Cheap Nike Air Max Shoes band, how to have gone abroad to leave the child regardless of it. 'It 's not the same thing, he' s sure he 's going back to his parents. 'Well, wait for them to come back and talk again.' The vines in the yard were swept away, and the children squatted on the grandmother's sieve to help pick up the little stones. Nike Mercurial Vapor VIII FG A woman wearing a coat carrying a large bag came in. Women tell their own reasons to leave the child: divorced in a foreign Authentic Women's Nike Shoes country, afraid of a person can not bring the child, so has not come back to read. Grandmother did not say anything, just got up and gave grandchildren find a new suit, put him on. Young child ignorantly watching his own woman, he wanted to break free, but the grandmother said she was your mother ah, you are not old asked me how other children are following Mom and Dad life, you are and grandmother a People live Now your mother will take you to a better life. After the child left, the autumn wind inadvertently, the last leaves on the vines swept away, leaving the lonely vines. Later, the child grew up, he still every morning porridge, the mother did not have the habit of morning porridge, he learned to brew, instant oat, against nuts, coconut, many years, breakfast Air Max Shoes porridge to become their own Of a habit. He even shuttle in the big cities in foreign supermarkets, looking for a taste. That is the grandmother's eight-treasure porridge. He was waiting for that day, back next to the grandmother. Open a porridge shop, in a covered with vine under the shelf, grain fragrance, sunshine. (Fragrant) Warmth, is a touch of sadness ... ... suddenly remembered Jay Chou's first 'grandmother': 'grandmother her expectations slowly become helpless, adul
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