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  1. Liz
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  3. Thursday, October 05 2017, 09:39 AM
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I have been doing a little research to understand the following problem. I think the meta description and meta keyword overrides are not always working.
The expected overide functionality should be Meta from Site Name > Meta from menu item > Meta from article.
Every article I give unique metadata but this data is not ending up in the right place and therefore I am getting Menu item descriptions and keywords where there should be Article meta injected.
This page is a good example of an article that has unique meta description and title but now is taking the metadescription from the menu item instead of from the article and the browser page title from the relative article menu item which is a Blog Category.
It shows the browser page title of the menu item, not the article's metadata.
I have gone through the various options of reasons why this is happening, I have disabled all SEF extentions one by one and I am not finding a solution. It brings me back to the original template, T3 blank. Can anyone explain why this is happening and perhaps see if it is related to the template? Perhaps there are overrides I can make to the template that will show the correct information.
Thanks, Elisabeth
  Rome, Metropolitan City of Rome, Italy
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