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  1. Liz
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  3. Friday, November 03 2017, 10:05 AM
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I have an issue with one of the metatags and the browser page title that is taking me a lot of time.

The problem is as follows: The default behavior of Joomla is to select the title from the menu item and if the article page has a title it should change to the article page title. In my system it doesnt do this unless I use an SEO component to change it.

Without using the SEO componet it will show the menu item title on a article page: See url below.

The problem repeats with the metadescription of the page, again the default Joomla action should be to add a metadescription for the article, if it is available. Again, it shows the metadescription for the menu item.

I can't find source of the problem, I have changed templates, turned off all seo components and it still happens.

I think perhaps I can solve it by adding some code to the default templates of T3 blank but I can't write php so I really need someone who can help.
Thanks if anyone can help.
  1. https://www.dolcevia.com/nl/italie-reizen/regio/toscane/2121-montefegatesi-en-de-garfagnana
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Reference is this problem posted in the Joomla forum. https://forum.joomla.org/viewtopic.php?t=943675
I have very much the same problem as these people. They posted a solution but perhaps this will not work with T3 blank because it is for another template.
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