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  3. Monday, November 06 2017, 11:48 AM
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I hope somebody can help me to change the width of my template that was produced with T3 framework. I read several times the documentation for this but it won't work. I hope somebody can help me with the code and where to change it. I think the code I found in variables.less where to change is underneath. I tried to change the width sizes for fullscreen layout, but nothing works. Who can help me? My website

// Container sizes
// --------------------------------------------------

// Small screen / tablet
@container-tablet: ((720px + @grid-gutter-width));
@container-sm: @container-tablet;

// Medium screen / desktop
@container-desktop: ((940px + @grid-gutter-width));
@container-md: @container-desktop;

// Large screen / wide desktop
@container-large-desktop: ((1140px + @grid-gutter-width));
@container-lg: @container-large-desktop;

// HD screen
@container-hd-desktop: ((1440px + @grid-gutter-width));
@container-hd: @container-hd-desktop;
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Sorry mistake with the link: Clashroyal
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