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  3. Friday, November 10 2017, 07:40 AM
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A declaration came today uncovering that the Elysium Project will be broken up close by affirmations that Warmane gold have been taking part in beguiling practices identified with venture financing. Individuals from the group doing the blaming plan to change around another variant of the task called Lights Hope.

The PayPal account used to support the server operation was said to be in the hands of a solitary individual from the group, utilized under a person's name to maintain a strategic distance from close downs from legitimate solicitations. Professedly, one colleague has assumed control €2,000 from that record for individual budgetary reasons.

Also, it's charged that this colleague was complicit in a gold offering operation being controlled by another Warmane gold from the center gathering. Concealing this operation has evidently prompted the help group being not able set up a log administration server and for the most part do those things you have to do to legitimately run a MMO.
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