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  3. Saturday, November 18 2017, 08:49 AM
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Users will also be able to access fun camera effects and frames and easily cross-post content to other platforms, in addition to Facebook Stories to engage with their fans with easy-to-access metrics to inform content creation, including analytics about their Page, videos and fans. Creators making shows for Watch will also be able to log into the app as their Show Page to access the features above. The Facebook Creator app launches globally today on iOS and will be rolling out to Android users in the coming months. The app is open to individuals on Pages or profiles and Facebook will be gathering feedback in an effort to create the best experience for creators.
In addition, Facebook is launching a new website dedicated to providing creators with inspiration, support and education. Facebook for Creators will be a place where creators can find resources and tips on how to create great videos, connect with fans and grow on Facebook to learn skills and techniques to make content shine and find answers to common creator-specific questions.
facebook helpline number
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Well i always appreciate a helping hand and this is also a thread for helping out others so i appreciate it. What i don't understand is that why was such help needed in the first place?
Facebook runs it's own helping policy and user guides and i have made my Cheap Essay account their and i didn't encounter any trouble. So such threads are useless over here.
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