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  3. Thursday, November 23 2017, 01:47 AM
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Content Recently, as the weather turns cooler, capital city set off a wave of 'heat wave.' Flying in the streets of 'high-tech' clothing, there is indeed able to automatically heat the thermal clothing, there are pure speculation concept products. This year, warm and loaded all scarpe asics the selling 'high-tech' Golden Week, with a cold air hit, the capital blew the 'heat wave.' In Sanlitun Uniqlo UNIQLO held HEATTECH series of underwear try on activities in the store's special experience area advertising written on the words fever, insulation and other words. In addition, sell designer bags in front of the Wangfujing Department Store, the Columbia brand held a new down-road show here, not only displaying new products, but also inviting citizens to participate in icing competitions to experience Omi thermal technology. According to UNIQLO staff, HEATTECH series of self-heating underwear a few years ago, only this year began to be popular in Beijing, 'mainly its material is not the same as other underwear itself can be fever.' The worker said the self-heating fiber itself absorbs the water vapor that the body evaporates and converts it into heat, creating an air barrier between the fibers to prevent heat loss . In addition, Columbia staff also said that its dual thermal reflective down jacket is michael kors shoulder bags based on the exclusive Omni-Heat Omi professional thermal technology, groundbreaking dual silver material highly reflective body heat, in order to enhance the warmth and reduce heat loss . In fact, in addition to the well-known brands such as UNIQLO, there are more and more small brands fancy the 'heat' piece of cake, have introduced similar products. For example, Taobao enter 'hot down' search, there have been nearly a thousand models of baby, most of which are nominal thermal jacket and thermal pants. In Beijing has not yet entered the winter season, one of the highest-selling thermal down jacket, monthly sales have reached 138. These allegedly hot underwear, are claimed to be the latest material, itself will be hot. And these claims can 'fever' clothes price is not expensive, some hot pants less than 100 yuan selling price. At a Taobao shop that sells hot pants, the owner said 'hot pants' are made of high-tech materials. For the price of less than 100 yuan, which is only for the puerile. The industry really light and warm technology, 'will be hot clothes, this is true.'
A garment industry said that there are indeed many new clothing materials, both warm and light, 'the specific composition of the material is sac coach bleecker crossbody more complex and more Professional, but with these kinds of materials down Sac de voyage femme jackets, Jackets, even in less than a dozen, inside wearing a shirt, outside wearing a warm clothing, it is warm enough. The person said that UNIQLO's advanced light feather is a high-tech products, the advanced lightweight feather down jacket made of special high-density nylon fabric, slenderness is only about one-tenth of the average human hair, 'It is this Fine yarn, creating a stunning ultra-light texture.In addition, the outer jacket of the jacket seal the gap between the fibers, without using the liner, thereby reducing the weight of the jacket. In addition, the source said, Columbia dual heat reflecting down jacket with high loft quality down material, but also can indeed ensure its high compressibility, reduce weight, can be easily packaged and easy to carry. For Taobao's low-cost products, the person is advised to buy cautiously: 'Most of the low-cost products by concept speculation, its own technology content is not too high, we must be carefully selected when buying.' According to insiders, this year May the implementation of the latest national standard down jacket on the raw materials, fillers, color, physical and chemical properties, and many other aspects have put forward the corresponding requirements.
In addition, also increased the safety technical indicators assessment requirements and physical safety performance requirements for infants and children clothing. Insiders said the amount of cashmere refers to the proportion of down in the filling, filling cashmere volume refers to the total weight of air max 2015 the down filled in the clothing. These two indicators down jacket, its warmth are usually not up to standard. Statement: The canada goose pas cher homme above 'hot clothing': really hot or pure 忽悠 content by the 'China Garment Network Content Department' collected from the Internet, and clearly indicate the source of the source, if you disagree with the ownership of this article, please contact We, once verified, we will change immediately! page flip
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