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  3. Thursday, November 23 2017, 01:52 AM
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'Pure' spending 300 million Shaoguan construction annual tax nearly 100 million
Content Dongguan Industry Shaoguan, as of June this year, Dongguan led or assisted in the introduction of industrial projects in Shaoguan 153, the investment amount of 37.892 billion yuan. Well-known local garment enterprises in Dongguan, 'pure' has spent 300 million in Shaoguan to build factories, each year will bring about 100 million local tax. In recent days, reporters found in Shaoguan's interview that since the start of a new round of counterpart Sac de voyage femme assistance in the province, Dongguan and Shaoguan have been rapidly started up. As of June this year, Dongguan led or assisted in the introduction of 153 industrial projects in Shaoguan, with a total investment of 37.892 billion yuan, Of these, there are 77 projects with a total value exceeding 100 million yuan and an investment of 10.6 billion yuan has now been completed. sac coach bleecker crossbody
'Pure' Shaoguan plant manpower costs drop July 28, Wando Industrial Park Wandang area, the reporter saw the Dongguan Group to invest in the construction of the plant has been basically completed, the production workshop and staff quarters have been formed, the equipment is also Installation and debugging. According to the relevant person in charge of pure clothing production base in Shaoguan introduced pure Shaoguan garment production base in October last year, started construction Shaoguan Wan Shao Industrial Park, plans to put into operation in October this year. The total investment 300 million yuan, covering 171 acres. After the project is put into operation, it is estimated that the annual sales will be 2.0-2.5 billion yuan, the tax revenue will be 80-100 million yuan each year, more than 3,000 jobs will be provided, and it will become an integrated e-commerce design, procurement, production, sales and apparel business Clothing production base. The official said that they will choose to establish this production base in Shaoguan, on the one hand there is policy and financial support, another important sell designer bags reason is that enterprises can reduce labor costs. 'In Shaoguan to recruit a staff package to eat a package of 3,000 yuan a month can be, in Dongguan need 4000 yuan.' The official said. In addition, according to Dongguan, Shaoguan Administrative Committee Deputy Director Lai Xiangquan introduced Dongguan, the number of mechanics in the province are among the best, with a labor advantage. In addition, Dongguan Human Resources Department has held more than 100 job fairs in Shaoguan to send more than 3,200 post jobs to Shaoguan, and has transferred more than 14,000 people to work and employment in Shaoguan, including more than 2,500 labors in poor households. It is understood that Wan Shao Industrial Park since its construction in 2008, the development has a certain scale, there are currently 293 production enterprises, of which 105 above-scale enterprises, employing about 45,000 people. Last year, the park achieved a total industrial output value of 19.97 billion yuan, an industrial added value of 4.89 billion yuan and a tax revenue of 810 million yuan. All economic indicators maintained rapid growth. Dongguan Shaoguan Shaoguan also completed a 'Songshan Lake' Subsequently, the reporter went to Huang Shaping Village, Shaoguan City, Shaoguan City, Shaoguan City, surrounded by green hills and lakes, Huangshaping e-commerce industrial park early appearance, 71 Dong e-commerce building has been initially completed, more than 10 companies have also settled. According to the Dongguan scarpe asics Shaoguan counterparts to help guide Zhang Tong Biao introduction, Dongguan selected seven developed towns (streets) and Shaoguan seven counties (cities) pairs of help, this piece of industrial park is the starting project Shaoguan, planning area 700 mu, a total construction area of ​​130,000 square meters, in February last year, land acquisition and demolition, to start in June, just one year in June this year, the first phase of the project has been fully completed, the green landscape, the original ecological environment renovation and restoration project And related facilities have been basically completed. Shaoguan Copper Road E-Commerce Co., Ltd. is one of the first enterprises to settle in Huangshaping E-commerce Industrial Park. The company formally settled in the industrial park earlier this year and has now entered a phase of full renovation and will be officially put into operation. Talking about the original intention of settled in, Gan Guoping, general manager, said the company aimed at the Shaoguan is located in Guangdong and Jiangxi provinces and the intersection of geographical advantages and characteristics of resources at the same time, Huangshaping e-commerce industry park is also deeply green office environment attracted , In the spare time around the forest path a few steps, you can wash away the tired. Huangshaping E-commerce Industrial Park is only the start-up project air max 2015 of Shaogan City, but also a microcosm of the development and construction of Shaoguan Shao City. As a key project of counterpart support in Shaoguan, Dongguan, the first phase of 6000 mu project has been under construction for more than a year. By June this year, 23 km of road network and landscape infrastructure have been completed. The difference with the general industrial park is that Shaogao City fully implements the concept of 'urban-rural balance' in the process of construction so as to set the benchmark for urban expansion and quality improvement and insists on eco-first, industrial support and cultural guidance as development orientation .
Conservation of the original reservoirs, fish ponds, mountains, streams, wetlands and other natural low-density embedded slope construction, the entire construction area of ​​only 25%. In addition to protecting the canada goose pas cher homme original ecology, Dongguan Shao-City planted in the construction process also originality element, the reporter saw the entire road on both sides and mountains, tens of thousands of plum blossom has been successfully cultivated, but also invited the sea Inside and outside the celebrity seal carving seal on the rock, with the park michael kors shoulder bags in Chang Tong, Buddhism two primitive reservoirs, build 'double Tong Yin snow' cultural landscape. As Dongguan Shaoguan City is dominated by the design and construction of Dongguan, Yishanbangshui, from the landscape and positioning are more like the Songshan Lake in Dongguan, so Shaoguan City, Shaoguan has been hailed as 'Songshan Lake.' Editor: Ivy League statement: The above 'pure' spend 300000000 Shaoguan plant annual tax of nearly billions of content from the 'Chinese clothing network content department' collected from the Internet, and have a clear source of the source of the content, if you copy Belonging objection, please contact us, once verified, we will immediately change! page flip
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