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Content This season, we will welcome a new French family, walking in the quiet French countryside, and live in harmony with nature. Thermal effect excellent down jacket, Ling Check element prominent design sense, the traditional craft and modern fashion combine to enjoy leisurely winter life. A new French family with a warm winter mood This season's new French family image comes from the French countryside: a young and old (and one animal member: a goat) playing on the lawn in front of the house, Sac de voyage femme the weather is cold, filled with a warm smile Italian, happy warmth.
Adhering to the spirit of harmony with nature, AIGLE allows you to comfortably wear and walk, regardless of the city, beach or country. Combining functional fabrics with stylish designs, AIGLE protects you and your family from the harsh environment of nature and frees your mind and body. 160 years of history, AIGLE has become an important member of the sell designer bags French family. As the seasons change, care for you and your family against the natural climate. Functional warm jacket, down jacket, woolen coat, AIGLE will meet your different needs. 160 years of heritage, so that the air max 2015 winter warm melt 160 years of heritage, so warm in winter melt - warm down jacket family is the theme of eternity in winter, this season AIGLE has a very rich feather series, whether it is style, fabric or color , Are more diverse, to meet scarpe asics the preferences of different people, allowing you to fear the cold, calmly face. This season AIGLE has a very rich down series of short and long section of the design, to meet everyone's individual needs and adapt to different climate. Girls are relatively richer in style, with different shapes in the winter, sweaters, dresses and leather boots, of course, the winter is also a vivid and beautiful canada goose pas cher homme scenery. In winter with different shapes this season AIGLE is also very elegant in the selection of materials: cotton and wool it material, whether it is comfort or fashion sense, are perfect.
Cotton series as a continuation of the classic fabric, cut design fashion, this year's winter down the main push products, wool series, is the season's retro trend ambassador, the design inspiration comes from World War II, stylish atmosphere, the use of low-key gray line , Never out of date. AIGLE combines functional fabrics such as MTD and Gore-tex in these classic products to provide a waterproof, breathable and windproof warmth that allows you to face the natural environment in the best possible protection even during inclement weather. Fashion take into account the protective, AIGLE experience the unique French charm. Continuation of a consistent low-key style, AIGLE pay more attention to detail Quality: waist design, so that girls are no longer bloated in winter, showing elegant femininity; buttons, zippers and other stitching at the perfect stitching, detail at the highlight quality, make low-key luxury. Focus on comfortable warmth, advocating fashion leisure life - Ling Check Series focus on comfortable warm, advocating fashion leisure life - Ling Check Series Ling Check Series is one of the highlights of the winter warm story, no longer simply to keep warm. Diamond cut lozenge design, stylish type, unique michael kors shoulder bags taste. This series of cotton-padded men and women, down jackets are reflected, including jackets, vests, etc., to meet your various weather wear needs. Male models checkered down jacket, hat decorated with wool design, inside fleece material, excellent thermal insulation, the inner waist adjustment sac coach bleecker crossbody for men of different ages. Corner, stitching and other details of the design, but also embodies the AIGLE excellent quality. Warm and stylish collision, so that people walking in the city to show their unique temperament and style. This season, AIGLE will lead the new trend of winter clothes, so that boys are more handsome and stylish, girls are more elegant and charming. Statement: The above 160 years of classic AIGLE 2013 winter new content collected by the 'China Garment Network Content Department' collected from the Internet, and clearly indicate the source of the source of the source, if you disagree with the ownership of this article, please contact us Once verified, we will immediately change! page flip
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