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Content In the past 30 years, Bosideng has always insisted on the integration of classical technology and modern science and technology, continue to convey the essence of warmth and freedom, re-interpretation of the new era of feather legend. The Bosideng latest 'new lightweight down jacket' to the new concept of science and technology, air max 2015 leading the era of pioneer trend. Colors lead us into the peculiar universe, the future seems to be at hand, the rapid optical age, one by one impossible may be possible.
Recently, Bosideng launched the autumn 2014 'new lightweight down jacket' to the concept of new technology, in order to sac coach bleecker crossbody pay tribute to the future era, leading the era of pioneer trend. Bosideng will be immortal classic Zhuo where the perfect combination of innovation, lightweight down jacket was a new upgrade. In color, version, style, function and other aspects of the Seiko secret agents, will be down jacket design to play most vividly, to meet the diverse needs of consumers and experience wearing. The new lightweight down jacket turned out, let us see another extraordinary Bosideng.
Bosideng 'new lightweight down jacket' to light and breathable, heat storage, radiation to withstand the three canada goose pas cher homme core selling point for the support, at the same time have a richer style and color choices. All models are equipped with a portable pouch, in the autumn to bring consumers the ultimate light, michael kors shoulder bags free heart comfortable new experience. Ultimate thin, extraordinary breathability. Lightweight, down jacket down to 180g, using high-density microfiber bright yarn fabric, and by a special process, gentle anti-velvet more breathable, thin warm both, so that consumers travel freely. Rapid thermal storage, long-lasting warmth. Warm thermal lining, the use of trace elements combined with the carbon element, so that the temperature instantly improve, more long-lasting warmth, bringing warm touch at your fingertips. Natural environmental protection, to resist radiation. Natural natural radiation protection fabrics, fabrics evenly distributed in the metal fiber, high efficiency shielding cell phone electromagnetic radiation, so that the body without fear of outside interference. This season's design draws inspiration from the future era, using elegant intellectual lace base, trendy personality baseball shirt elements, unique curved ribbon, diamond and sell designer bags pearl details of the sculpture, sweet bubble shoulder design, exquisite accessories, three-dimensional Version of the type, elegant use of color, Sac de voyage femme to create a modern life attitude, release unlimited heat energy. In 2014, Bosideng shines again in China and will continue to inherit the essence of science and technology and pay tribute to the advent of future times. Statement: The above 2014 Bosideng new lightweight down jacket light loaded listed content from the 'Chinese clothing network content department' collected from the Internet, and have a clear source of the source indicate the source, if you disagree with the ownership of this article, please contact us, once Check, we will immediately scarpe asics change! page flip
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