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  3. Thursday, November 23 2017, 02:28 AM
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H \u0026 Sac de voyage femme M and The North Face promise to use humane down
Content International leading brands, including H \u0026 M, Eddie Bauer, The North Face and Marmot, have all committed to working with products that use compliant and traceable down source. The nonprofit Textile Exchange said on (2014) October 21 that these companies are using the Humanitarian Down Fellowship (RDS) scarpe asics to ensure that all down-feathered products come from humanely treated animals. The North Face has promised to have 100% verified and humane down feathers by all lines by 2017. Other brands said they will use the certified down feather in their products by the fall of 2015. Although ducks and goose feathers originating from the food industry are the highest quality of garments, the issue of compulsory feeding and ingestion of michael kors shoulder bags live hair makes animal protection groups have a great deal of attention on the sources of down feathers. RDS development, officially launched in January 2014 (January 2014), is part of a joint effort that includes The North Face, Textile Exchange and Control Union Certifications, a certified third-party impartial body that includes Work closely with major suppliers Allied Feather \u0026 Down and Downlite to sell designer bags analyze and validate every aspect of the down supply chain. After the standard is completed, The North Face sends it to Textile Exchange for management and promotion. 'I'm proud to be involved in the development of RDS,' said Anne Gillespie, Director of air max 2015 Corporate Integrity, Textile Exchange. 'We did extensive research, including visiting the remote sourcing areas in Europe and Asia, and going deeper to understand what we have to deal with Facing problems and stakeholder-facing issues. ''
As more and more brands adopt RDS, it will improve animal welfare conditions and better traceability in the down supply chain, and its size Far more than any single organization or a supply chain alone. 'In addition to the regulatory standards, Textile Exchange has also adopted a stakeholder feedback process that includes brand input and EOG (European Outdoor Alliance), OIA (American Outdoor Association) NGOs such as Four Paws, an animal group, have been developed to develop RDS. RDS's primary mission is to prevent such issues as forced feeding and live hair removal and to provide stringent quality control of issues such as quality of food and water, feeding conditions, stock densities and outdoor access, animal health, sanitation and pest and natural enemy control, etc. Review. Adam Mott, Director of Sustainability at The North Face, said: 'The brand through RDS is a new way to take the lead in helping to improve the canada goose pas cher homme down supply chain.' As we embarked on the development of RDS, we knew that in order to truly succeed, we Global, open, and appropriate changes must be made and today we are seeing a gradual realization of this vision - but it is just sac coach bleecker crossbody the beginning. We welcome other brands joining the commitment to procure humane feather. 'Disclaimer: The above H \u0026 M and The North Face commitment to the use of humane feather content by the 'China Garment Network Content Department' collected from the Internet, and have a clear source of the source indicate the source, if you disagree with the ownership of this article, please contact us, once Check, we will immediately change! page flip
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