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  3. Thursday, November 23 2017, 02:33 AM
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Content year-end, festive atmosphere gradually thick. In front of the festival, the snowfall struck, the only feather single product to bring warmth in this air max 2015 deep winter, but the rough fabric and dark colors, people minute minutes and fashion out of touch. Christmas New Year's Day has arrived, is it become 'soil fat round'? KOLON SPORT (Kolon) to redefine the down jacket, so you can also easily concave shape winter, easily transform fashion icon. [Red] steal the spotlight burning holiday atmosphere For sac coach bleecker crossbody the festival, scarpe asics the red has always been the eternal color. On this special day, KOLON SPORT's new Fall / Winter 2015, with saturated reds of life, erases the bleakness of this season and breaks the dullness of the cold weather and high walls. Festive atmosphere with fiery colors to make the joy come full, make you more eye-catching. Men's Complete Ruffle PERTEX Lightweight Down Jacket Price: ¥ 1,990 Women's LINE WELDING Professional Lightweight Down Jacket Price: ¥ 2,290 Men's Down Jacket With a soft new fabric, the capless design can be worn both as a liner and as a jacket Wearing, bid farewell to bloated, really dressed type. The feather down jacket is a new lightweight down jacket made from both outer and inner seams. It features a tear-resistant, lightweight fabric and matte finish. The chest cut features a special protective glue that highlights professionalism. 【Spell color fight swept winter dull】 catch up with fashion, just the right spell color is the key. In the color-poor winter, a black-and-white ash inevitably degenerates into a passerby. KOLON SPORT will be unique and meticulous grasp of the color applied to product design, so that the gradient of color complement each other. Short paragraph down jacket version of crisp, practical real wear to show the cool of the cool style, the fusion of different materials and the collision between the color highlights its excellent functionality and the British-type lines, refused to dull, wear out Personal unique style, so that the vitality of winter presents. Men's Spell-Color WINDSTOPPED Heavy canada goose pas cher homme Down Jacket Price: ¥ 3,690 Women's Spell-Color WINDSTOPPED Heavy Down Jacket Price: ¥ 2,190 Men's Down Jackets are imported from Japan with a premium dual-color fabric that emphasizes durability while enhancing comfort sense. Women's down jacket with European top velvet padded, stitched hat without stitching emphasizes the design of three-dimensional sense, filling the ultimate quality.
Raccoon Collar Gore Quality Assurance Men's 2L Performance Raccoon Collar Gore Jacket PREMIUM: 3,290 Women's 2L Performance Raccoon Collar Gore Jacket Price: ¥ 3,290 Men's 2L Performance Raccoon Collar Gore Jacket , Filled with goose down, improve warmth. Finnish raccoon fur collar detachable hat, full of urban sense. Women's 2L Performance is filled with a racoon fur collar Gore jacket with a feather liner and a finnish racoon fur collar for warmth and a total of four pockets at the top and bottom for added storage and exposed pockets underneath for added storage convenience. Windproof drawstring at the waist. [With guide out piercing michael kors shoulder bags fashion star taste] Plaid shirt Sac de voyage femme as never outdated wild single product, more aggressive in this season, in fact, unmatched in the usability. KOLON SPORT clenched trend vane, men and women in the winter plaid shirt, warm color contrast festival festive atmosphere. As a jacket down jacket, personal and warm heart. Winter Men's Plaid Shirts Price: ¥ 790 Winter Lady Plaid Shirts Price: ¥ 790 Winter Men's Travel Pants Price: ¥ 1,490 Winter Lady SIDE E-BAND Pants Price: ¥ 1,390 As a finishing touch, Gadgets are essential. sell designer bags Men's trousers stretch good, longer legs, can do a variety of leisure and other matches, highlighting the mature male charm. Women's trousers use the same knitwear to upgrade the print, highlighting the elegant lines of women. GORE-TEX Wrap Around Mid-Cut Climbing Shoes Price: ¥ 1,790 Logo Basics Breezy Hood Price: ¥ 290 GORE-TEX Surrounded by mid-cut hiking shoes, the soles and sides feature a breathable fabric and a wraparound technique to give a dramatic look . Logo base brimmed cap side of the letter logo, one side of the evergreen tree logo, KOLON SPORT logo ribbon around repeatedly, you can use both positive and negative. Having read the above list of desires listed by KOLON SPORT, did you find that you have found this winter's trendy Cheats, embracing Christmas in a brand new way and greeting the New Year? Then go to KOLON SPORT in the world, looking for their own surprise it! Disclaimer: The above KOLON SPORT (Kolon) winter desire list content collected by the 'China Garment Network Content Department' organized from the Internet, and clearly indicate the source of the source, if you disagree with the ownership of this article, please contact We, once verified, we will change immediately! page flip
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