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  3. Thursday, November 23 2017, 02:39 AM
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LINC chic Sac de voyage femme Jin Yujie winter restless fashion
With the advent of autumn and winter, how to integrate warmth and fashion, even if the temperature plummeted, the charm is still diminished is every fashion trendy people wear compulsory courses. Fashion Week ended lively, as a feast of Chinese local designers, many talented local brands are contested here, air max 2015 the show floor on the Chinese clothes.
Said 'the best show in the streets,' the fashion feast located in the 798 Art Park, of course, ultimately, join the tide of people in every way, everywhere full of artistic atmosphere of fashion owners. Their dress or retro, or minimalist, or full of dramatic tension. Fashion has always been weird, full of unique new ideas, seemingly serious atmosphere and a kind of free and vitality style. Photographers here found a group of fashion naughty dressed in LINC chic Jin Yujie jacket. Their winter looks comfortable and trendy, it is worth mentioning that they match the color and beautiful compromise, is also very good with the tutorial, perhaps this is the new trend this winter! Cold winter if you want to achieve 'effortless' chic sense, black down jacket is your best choice. Black jacket with bright sweater, there are irregular groups dotted with irregularities, can give you the most complete fashion scarpe asics sense. Endless 'black' is the most profound sense of artistic color, it can be shaped into any appearance. In general, large-scale printing is very difficult to wear beautiful, but in this picture, but it is extremely coordinated, strong colors and gorgeous prints form a clever response to each other, partial orange hair and short skirts are Add a sense of completeness while adding a touch of playful sexy.
White is always a refreshing choice, in a way, it symbolizes purity, art and refreshing. Style cut superior white down jacket can be set off a very fairy child. In this set of modeling she chose to wear tannin blue shorts with knee stockings and skateboarding shoes, very neat, classic. These are the perfect match with sell designer bags the down jacket is not touched to you? In fact, down jacket can also transform an infinite variety of fashion possibilities. LINC chic michael kors shoulder bags Jin Yujie is not just relying on color and style to make fashion naughty in the street beat to win, there are more details in detail, with complex and unique material characteristics, lines and color interwoven and zipper collages and popular Elements and other echoes, together canada goose pas cher homme sac coach bleecker crossbody to create a unique LINC chic Jin Yujie down winter modern fashion! Statement: The above LINC chic Jin Yujie winter restless fashion content from the 'Chinese clothing network content department' collected from the Internet, and have a clear source of content Indicate the source, if you disagree with the ownership of this article, please contact us, once verified, we will immediately change! page flip
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