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Moncler revenue rose 38% in the first quarter this year, the stock soared 45%
Content Moncler stores Italian luxury down manufacturer Moncler SpA (MONC.MI) reported first-quarter earnings on Tuesday, ending March 31, 2015 Q1 Group revenue rose 38% to € 201 million from € 145.4 million a year earlier, Well above the forecast of 77.7 million euros by michael kors shoulder bags Thomson Reuters analysts, and a 30% rise at a constant exchange rate. The outstanding performance in the first quarter mainly benefited from the weakening of the euro and strong performance in international markets such as North America, China and Japan. In the first quarter, Moncler SpA recorded a very good 85% revenue growth in North America with a 61% increase at a constant exchange rate; followed by the Asia Pacific market, which benefited from the good performance of regional markets such as China, Hong Kong, Japan and Korea.
Revenues increased 66% and fixed exchange rates 48%. The Italian domestic market dragged down the entire sector, with an increase of 7% in the first quarter lagging far behind the average; the EMEA market increased 21% and the fixed exchange rate increased Sac de voyage femme 19%. sac coach bleecker crossbody The four major markets currently account for 13%, 38%, 17% and 32% respectively. Moncler SpA continued to change its business strategy. The retail revenue accounted for 69% of the revenue in the first quarter and 56% in the same period of last canada goose pas cher homme year. Q1 revenue of this channel recorded a high growth of 69% and the fixed exchange rate increased 54% from 8180 in the same period of last year. The euro rose to 138.1 million euros; wholesale channel revenue fell 1%, from 63.6 million euros a year earlier to 62.9 million euros, a 2% drop in the fixed exchange rate. As of March 31, 2015, the Group operated a total of 181 outlets, a year-on-year increase of 9, of which 151 were retail outlets, a year-on-year increase of 17, all in the Asian air max 2015 market. sell designer bags In the first quarter of this year, the market increased by 5, Channel is reduced by 8. Moncler SpA said the fiscal year before the group will add 20 outlets. In the first quarter, the gross margin of Moncler SpA increased from 150 basis points to 73.8%. Adjusted EBIT margin increased 120 basis points to 28.5%. Core EBITDA margin rose 170 basis points to 32.7% after adjusted.
Net profit margin rose 360 basis points to 19.7%, net profit rose 68.5% from 23.5 million euros a year earlier to 39.6 million euros. It is worth mentioning that Moncler SpA same-store sales rose 25% in the first quarter. Moncler SpA shares closed at 16.21 euros Tuesday, down 2.41%, but the stock soared more than 45% so far this year, the collective weakness in the industry sector performance is extremely good. Statement: Moncler above a quarter of the first quarter revenue rose 38% soared 45% share price this year by the 'China Garment Network Content Department' collected from the Internet, and clearly indicate the source of the source, if you disagree with the ownership of this article , Please contact us, once verified, we will immediately scarpe asics change! page flip
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