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OASIS, H \u0026 M, such as three into thin light down jacket was exposed lack of pounds short two
Content reporter Yu Yingbo in the Consumer Association announced today the recent light for 33 models to carry out comparative test air max 2015 results down jacket.
Test results show that in 33 samples, more than three percent down jackets sac coach bleecker crossbody charge cashmere short two short. Among them, the actual charging of 12 samples was 5% lower than the express value, and some were even 31% lower. Reporters noted that in the above 12 samples, produced by Shanghai Tung Lung Down Products Co., Ltd., OASIS (Shanghai) Garment Trade Co., Ltd. OASIS brand women's down jacket, the purchase price of 985 yuan, down jacket velvet filling volume (g ) Is labeled as 101, while the measured value is only 85.7. The comparison test, charging cashmere volume marked value and the difference between the measured value of the most disproportionate, is a H \u0026 canada goose pas cher homme M brand down jacket, the company name marked: Haynes Morris (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. commercial.
Although it has a charge of 47 grams, it is already the lowest of the 33 comparative test samples. However, the actual measured value is still substantially reduced to 32.5. In other words, the actual charge is only 69% of the nominal value. The relevant person in charge of the Consumers Association pointed out that the amount of charge refers to a down jacket filled with all the down weight, the higher the charge velvet, the better the thermal effect. For light type down jacket, charge the amount of lower design value, and some only a few dozen grams. If there is a problem again scarpe asics short of catty, then the thermal effect of down jacket will be greatly reduced, but its actual value is also greatly reduced. According to reports, the comparative test sample by the Consumers Association staff as an ordinary consumer from Beijing to buy 16 stores, including shopping malls, shopping malls, direct sales stores and the Internet and other retail channels. The purchase of the 33 samples are short, thin down jacket, 21 samples marked charge velvet amount of not more Sac de voyage femme than 100 grams, a minimum of 47 grams, the sample price from 199.5 yuan to 1398 yuan each. The comparative test results also show that there are two samples filled down the cashmere content and velvet content is lower than the value of the michael kors shoulder bags label are: Guangzhou Di Jie Clothing Co., Ltd. produced by the nominal brand name 'MRAN' Women Down jacket samples; Qingdao Pei Garment Co., Ltd. produced the nominal brand of 'SIMPLY BASIC' simple lightweight women's down jacket samples. Among them, the former product instructions, there are 'internal and external standard fiber composition is sell designer bags inconsistent, the name of the external standard fiber is not accurate' problem. Statement: The above OASIS, H \u0026 M, such as three into the light weight down jacket was exposed short of two short content by the 'Chinese clothing network content department' collected from the Internet, and clearly indicate the source of the source, if you disagree with the ownership of this article, Please contact us, once verified, we will immediately change! page flip
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