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  3. Thursday, November 23 2017, 02:56 AM
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ROXY released a new women's feather series
Following the autumn launch SUPER LIGHT DOWN ultra-light down jacket series, ROXY in the winter redouble Sac de voyage femme their efforts to launch colorful ULTRA LIGHT PREMIUM DOWN feather jacket series.
This series of high-density tissue materials, michael kors shoulder bags light and warm and very stylish, with sophisticated and practical details, so that girls in the cold environment, can maintain a beautiful fashion side! PREMIUM DOWN down jacket with three eye-catching color choices: Lime (lined pink), Baby Blue (lining blue) and Baby Pink (lining gray). Use 100% 400T high-density ultra-thin nylon outer layer of the body fabric, lightweight and comfortable windproof warm, reducing the sense of bondage brought down the general down jacket. A single product more 9: 1 strongest gold filling ratio: 90% goose down, 10% feathers for canada goose pas cher homme filling, the fuzz component is the top import white goose down (white goose down). At the same time, down jacket set to 800 Fill Power (very high quality), it represents the resilience of a single product down, the higher the loft, the more easily down feather is resilient and compressed, representing the grasp of the air Lock the heat so as to achieve the warmth function. Details, the neckline inside and on both sides of the pockets sell designer bags on the body are sewn with Tricot cloth (Tricot), scarpe asics so that the neck warmth greatly increased, while leaving your hands feel more comfortable and warm when inserted into your pocket. Each feather coat comes with the storage design of the same color pouch storage, the entire feather can be stored as air max 2015 a small bag for girls to carry handbags.
In addition to PREMIUM DOWN quality down jacket series, ROXY season also has several styles and practicality down jacket for girls to choose from. In addition to the usual short paragraph and long section, the ROXY this season also break the tradition of the introduction of 2 in 1 long down jacket, combined with sac coach bleecker crossbody stylish wild uniforms and warm warm down vest, whether alone wearing a military uniform or down vest, or to 2 in 1 form to wear, the girls can show fashion confident side, enjoying a good winter time. The new ROXY Premium Down and a variety of down jacket series will be October 14 in the entire line ROXY stores shelves. (Yang Chen Ying) Statement: The above ROXY released a new women's feather series content from the 'Chinese clothing network content' collected from the Internet, and have a clear source of the content of the source, if you disagree with the ownership of this article, please contact us Once verified, we will immediately change! page flip
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