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Xi Jinping pointed out that rural reform should be so advanced
Xinhua News Agency why Wang Zihui [learning time] Xi Jinping general secretary recently in Anhui Fengyang County Xiaogang village presided over the are running shoes good for walking rural were running out of time reform forum and delivered an important speech, stressed the need to adhere to the three rural issues as the whole party work Heavy, to promote the new situation under the how running changes your body rural reform efforts. The symposium will be held in Xiaogang village, revealing what signal? goose parka coats How should rural reform be properly promoted? Xinhua 'learning to carry on' original brand column class today launched 'Xi Jinping pointed out that the rural reform should be so forward', for your interpretation. April 25, 2016, the CPC Central Committee General Secretary, State President, Central Military Commission Chairman Xi Jinping in Anhui Fengyang County Xiaogangcun hosted the rural reform forum and delivered an important speech. Xinhua News Agency reporter Tao Tao this year is the thirteenth year of the beginning of the year, there are buy canada goose jacket many new agricultural and rural areas, new problems, especially after the harvest for 12 consecutive years, from the past to the structural deficit is more prominent. In such a background will running make my legs bigger and situation, Xi Jinping presided canada goose outlet uk over the forum, is to be clear, the reform is forced by the situation, the canada goose coats why running is good for you three rural work can not relax, to firmly grasp, tightly grasp, and constantly catch new will running get rid of cellulite results. And this symposium will be held in Xiaogang Village, the main birthplace of rural reform, its significance lies once again clearly stressed that in summing up the reform experience of small village on can running help will running burn fat you lose weight the basis of the what running does to your body gradual formation of China's agricultural how running changes your body shape basic management system, that is, As a basis for the integration of the two-tier management system is the whole rural reform achieved by the major institutional results, is our party's rural policy important cornerstone. Grasp the main line Xi Jinping stressed that the new situation under the deepening of rural reform, the biggest policy is to adhere to and improve the basic rural management system, adhere to the collective ownership of rural will running burn belly fat land, adhere to the basic status of family management, adhere to the stability of land contracting. can running cause miscarriage This is the main line of deepening rural reform. Land ownership, since ancient times is a major issue related to the country. Rural land system reform is related to the overall reform, to be prudent and prudent. Xi Jinping in this forum for rural reform to draw four red lines, how running changed my life the first is not the rural land collective ownership collapsed. This requires the actual work, we must deal with farmers and land relations as the main line will running give me abs to grasp the development of reform measures, first of all to be measured from this aspect. Chen Xiwen, deputy head of the Central Rural Work Leading Group and Director of the Office, said that at present, especially since the goose canada jackets on sale 18th Party Congress, one of the major innovations we have dealt with in the land problem is to divide the peasants' land contract management right into contractual rights and management rights and realize collective ownership , Farmers contracting rights and land management rights split in parallel, conform to the farmers to implement ownership, stable contracting rights, the right to operate the right to operate. Chen Xiwen said that at present one third of the country's land has flowed. Of the 230 million farmers in the country, 66 million households have migrated more or less land, which has provided favorable conditions for the scale of agricultural development and the process of agricultural modernization. Development of agricultural modernization is not a certain scale is not enough, but this is a gradual process, can not be completed soon. To choose the right to the farmers, can not replace the farmers will running tone my body to choose. Whether the transfer of land contract management rights or farmers into the city, the party and the government can guide the demonstration, but can not engage in forced orders, not a gust of wind, across will running tone my legs the board. The deployment of six areas Xi Jinping pointed out that deepening rural reform requires more elements of linkage. This is determined by the complexity and overall nature of the work of agriculture, rural areas and farmers. The rural reform under the new period should not only ensure the national food security, but also need to solve the structural problems of agricultural production. It is necessary to enrich the farmers as soon as possible and strengthen the governance of the countryside. Local work between the strong correlation, what running shoes many tasks are mutually conditions, with the reform continue to lead to more in-depth, more need for multi-sectoral, multi-factor linkage, the formation of forward together. How to deploy the specific, Chen Xiwen introduced six key areas to promote: First, to promote rural collective assets to the household and shareholding canada goose why running is bad for you sale system reform. To clear the capital verification, to find out how many possessions. Establish a strict regulatory system, so that farmers can participate in democracy. More importantly, the collective assets of the right to fall on the members of each group of canada coat collective economic organizations, so that they have more sense of access. Second, accelerate the innovation canada goose victoria parka of agricultural management system, accelerate the cultivation of new business entities. Now after the land transfer, there have been a variety of forms of business, as long as it is how running shoes should fit conducive to rural reform, should support. The third is to accelerate the reform of supply and marketing cooperatives. Clear positioning of the canada goose constable parka supply and marketing cooperatives, both to solve the good service for farmers, but also to solve what running shoes are best for me their own government and can running cause hemorrhoids enterprises regardless of social and social enterprises regardless of the contradictions, become more dynamic for the agricultural service system. Fourth, improve the agricultural support and protection system. China's support and protection of agriculture is constantly strengthened, but the situation is changing, both require increased support, but also requires support can running give you abs for the way and form of innovation, to adapt to new requirements. Five is to speed up the reform of household registration system. Let the willingness and conditional farmers to settle in the city, and enjoy the same treatment with the local urban residents. Six is ​​to promote can running build muscle the integration of urban and rural institutional mechanisms. Promote the extension of infrastructure to rural areas, basic public services to rural areas, improve the social security system, urban and rural areas to achieve equalization. April 24-21, 2016, the CPC Central Committee General Secretary, State President, Central Military Commission can running shoes be used for walking Chairman Xi Jinping in Anhui research. This is the afternoon of April 25, Xi Jinping in Chuzhou City Fengyang County Xiaogang Village to see wheat growth. Xinhua News discount canada goose jacket Agency reporter Li Xueren photo to hold the three major tasks Rural reform is successful four criteria, one is in line with the characteristics of agriculture and rural areas, the second is to take were running with the shadows of the night into account the interests of the state, collective, farmers, the third is to really mobilize the enthusiasm of farmers, four is able to liberate the countryside Of social productivity. The prerequisites for achieving these four standards are a clear understanding of the reform task and an accurate grasp of the main contradictions of the reform. Lack of this premise, the reform initiatives will be difficult to form an organic system, the power to canada goose calgary goose make the wrong, slow down the pace of reform, delay the development of the opportunity. Xi Jinping clearly pointed out that to speed up rural development, we must firmly tighten the development of modern agriculture, increase farmers' income, building a new socialist countryside three major tasks. why running is important Chen Xiwen said that the development of modern agriculture must improve the agricultural management system, more application of science and technology, improve the infrastructure, improve the quality and efficiency of agricultural products. Take measures to let the younger which running shoes generation willing to engage in agriculture, accelerate the training of new professional farmers. Farmers income cheap canada goose uk canada goose uk is the central task of agriculture, agriculture, agriculture, agriculture, agriculture, agriculture, agriculture, agriculture, agriculture, agriculture, agriculture, agriculture, agriculture, agriculture and so on. Since 2010, China's urban-rural income gap has gradually narrowed, can not let this momentum reversed. To improve the quality of agricultural efficiency, promote one, two, three industry integration, extend the industrial chain, to provide more employment opportunities for farmers. To promote rural reform, so that farmers have more income from the property. From the historical point of view, even if the future of China's urbanization rate of 70%, there are 30% of the population, that is, 450 million people living in rural areas. Therefore, the emphasis on urbanization is not enough, we must simultaneously speed up the construction of new countryside. New rural construction to plan first, do not move the urban construction model to the countryside. To reflect the characteristics of rural areas, to stay nostalgia, see the green mountains and rivers, to retain the foundation of Chinese culture, the essence of farming culture. related news
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