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  3. Monday, December 04 2017, 07:49 AM
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With number of mobile internet users surpassing desktop internet users, it is obvious that people prefer mobile devices as their daily driver for browsing the web. This has forced businesses to shift focus from desktop to mobile. Although, businesses have made smooth transition to mobile but there are still some myth prevalent that needs to be busted. In this article, I will try to bust those common mobile app development myths and help you create mobile apps like a professional Titlemobile app development company.

Myth 1: Native Mobile Apps Deliver a Much Better User Experience than HTML 5 Apps

This statement is true to a certain degree if you eliminate the word “much” from it. There is no denying that native apps provides a much fluid user experience but HTML 5 apps are not far behind either. You will not notice a huge difference if you compare both apps side by side. The ability of native apps to play with device hardware, internals and software gives it a slight edge but not much when it comes to user experience. On the downside, it is much more expensive to create a native app than an HTML 5 app because of its platform specific nature.

Myth 2: Eye Catching Apps Get Five Star Rating

Irrespective of how attractive your mobile app looks and how much eye candy it delivers to users, if it is not scalable and solid enough in terms of functionality, it will never be able to get good rating on app stores. In fact, getting a good rating has nothing to do with aesthetics. It is just a single factor that influences users experience but there are many more boxes that needs to be ticked to get the best rating on app stores.

Myth 3: Feature Packed Apps Are Successful

Another common misconception is that packing all the features you can in a mobile app can make your mobile app a success, which is not true. In fact, it is the other way around. Packing your mobile app with plethora of features will only confuse users. What if some of that feature does not work as promised or planned? It will only add to your woes and leave a bad taste in user’s mouth. You don’t want that, do you? It is better to follow the less is more approach with design and features instead of cramming all the design elements and features into your mobile app.

Myth 4: Mobile Apps Are Expensive To Develop

Few years back, this was a fact but with increased competition, slew of app development tools and advancement in app development technology, this has become a myth. In fact, you can even create your mobile app without prior coding knowledge, thanks to drag and drop functionality of app development tools. These tools have made app development simpler and resulted in cost reduction for developing a mobile app.

Myth 5: The Bigger The Size The Longer It Will Take To Develop

As with any project, the bigger the scope of the project, the longer it will take to complete and the more costly it will be. Although, this formula might be applicable in some cases but all bigger apps takes long to develop. It usually comes down to the complexity of the app. Even providing third party support and integrations can sometimes takes weeks and you can develop a full-functional mobile app in this time if there is low complexity involved.

Which app development myth do you still believe in? Feel free to share it with us in the comments section below.
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