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  3. Friday, December 08 2017, 05:26 PM
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I'm using the t3_bs3_blank template on a new site that is still in develop stage. I was working on a Javascript that was not working. While trying to debug it using the Firefox console I noticed this message, that seems not to be triggered by my own Javascript as it stays when disabling my script:

Gebruik van getAttributeNode() wordt niet meer ondersteund. Gebruik in plaats daarvan getAttribute(). mootools-core.js:108:287

Which translates as: getAttributeNode() is no longer supported, please use getAttribute instead. And it seems to be related to Mootools.

When I select the Joomla core template Protostar the message disappears. So I thought I'd ask about this message in the T3 forum as a first step to solving this issue.

As a side note: I thought that Mootools is not used by Joomla anymore. This message suggests that it is used by T3. Is it?

Kind regards, Frits
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