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  1. william smith
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  3. Wednesday, December 13 2017, 09:49 AM
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Yahoo account is one of the new features that has been developed recently and plays a vital role in prevention of email account from the sudden hacking. As password is not required to access Yahoo email once account key is enabled, hacking chances are reduced to a huge extent with the advent of this feature; launched by Yahoo Inc.

As users are actually non-technical, they have no idea how to enable or setup Yahoo account key feature. With the unavailability of Contact Yahoo Help number , users are not able to do anything as they need an assistance to get the process completed in a systematic way.

Before looking to setup Yahoo account key, users are supposed to have smartphone device with yahoo app installed within it. If there is no such app, install it at the earliest to make the yahoo account key setup process hassle free.

So, Here Is Step Guide:

Step #1 Login into Yahoo account and go to account security section

Step #2 You will find an option “Secure your account with Yahoo account key”

Step #3 Click on the button “See how it works”

Step #4 Make sure, you have signed in with the same yahoo account in the mobile app”

Step #5 Now again click on the button as seen in the next slide “Done, let’s try again.”

Step #6 Once the button is pressed upon, a notification is received on the Yahoo App installed on your device

Step #7 Click on the tick icon in green color to receive the account key

Step #8 As it gets generated successfully, the Yahoo account key feature is enabled

I hope Friends That Now You Are Able To Solve Your All Issue But If You Still Have Any Issue Then Don’t Be Worry Here You Can Solve Your All Problem Yahoo Customer Service Phone Number
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