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Moving Tips – Have Your Mover Pack For You?

If you’re fortunate enough to have professional packers, let them do the packing. Anything that is not packed by them will not be covered by the moving company if damaged. They are experts at packing and know how to pack to minimize damage during transport.

Confirm the date and time the truck will he loaded with the moving company. Packing can take from one to three days, depending on the quantity of your belongings and the number of packers sent to your house.

Be present to supervise during packing. The packers will have many questions and will need your assistance to do a good job. Packers and Movers Jaipur Designate the identification names you want written on the boxes (For example: Brian’s Room, Living Room, Office, Playroom, etc.). Tape these names to a door or wall.

Packers are last and efficient. (They are like the ocean; you never want to turn your back on them. Their job is to pack everything in sight!)

Make sure the dishwasher is empty or full of clean dishes. (T have had inexperienced packers pack dirty dishes left in the dishwasher.)

Make sure the washer and dryer- are empty. (Inexperienced packers have been known to pack dirty and wet clothes from the washer when they packed the laundry room.)

Make sure the packers do not box up the oven or microwave racks. It these racks are currently stored in a drawer, put them in the oven and/or microwave to prevent the packer’s from accidentally packing them.

Remove any bedding remaining on beds. (Packer’s will not do this for you.)

The packers will remove pictures from the walls, but they will not remove the picture hooks. Remove the hooks yourself, and place them in a plastic bag or tape them securely to the backs of pictures.

If the refrigerator’ is being moved, empty it, unplug it, and leave the door ajar. (Packers will not empty and clean your refrigerator for you.) If you have an ice maker hooked up, unplug it from the back of the refrigerator and drain all water from the tube. (When moving during freezing weather, be extra careful to completely drain this tube the day before moving to prevent freezing and cracking of the tube during transit.)

Call your moving coordinator or the moving company immediately and find out why the packers have not shown up at your house at the scheduled time. If you are paying for the job by the hour, make sure you are not charged for time until the packers officially commence packing.

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Remove all batteries iron clocks, radios, flashlights, etc. Put batteries in a plastic bag, and place with those personal belongings that will not be loaded onto the truck. (The movers cannot transport batteries in the

moving van on long-distance moves.)

Finish any final personal packing. Also pack all of the shoes that the family will need in one box.

When you get to your new house, you will be able to find your shoes

quickly so that you can get dressed for work, go out to dinner, or locate

your favorite slippers.

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