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  3. Wednesday, January 03 2018, 03:49 AM
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Essential Packing Materials And Tools For Your Office Relocation

The process of relocating an office can easily take 3-6 months. While your moving company will be able to supply most of the materials and tools needed for your office relocation, you should make sure you have a number of essential items on hand. Each of the following items will be very useful in helping your employees to pack their valuables and minimizing any scratches, dents or chips on your office furniture and computer equipment during the office move.

Tape Dispensers: For sealing boxes buy plastic packing tape, either clear or brown. A 4-roll bundle of tape will be enough to seal about 100 medium-sized boxes.

Packing Paper: Buy some professional packing paper (which is similar to newsprint but is free of printing) or use newsprint from the local newspaper. If you are using newsprint, keep in mind that the ink may rub off, so don’t use it on things that can be become stained.

Stretch Wraps: This kind of wrap is similar to the plastic cellophane wrap used to store food in the refrigerator. It only sticks to itself so it won’t leave a residue. Use it to wrap dresser drawers, movable parts and other kinds of furniture from dust, dirt and scratches.

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Bubble and Foam Wrap: This is necessary for wrapping fragile items like fine china, antiques and glass. When it comes to bubble wrap the larger the bubbles the greater the protection that is provided. Foam wrap can add an extra layer of protection for your expensive electronics like televisions and computers.

Protective Bags: To move electronic equipment like computers and their accessories you should have protective bags. This will protect your expensive electronic equipment from dust and water damage.

Covers and Pads: When you’re loading the moving truck, you will need moving pads or blankets to protect your furniture. Large items like appliances, bicycles and desk should be protected by moving pads.

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Stickers and Labels: You should have a number of different kinds of stickers and labels. Make sure you have a variety of colors so you can color-coordinate your furniture based on where it is to be delivered in your new office. Colored label tape can be purchase from hardware stores and you should also try to have a number of different colored markers.

Utility Knifes: A utility knife or box cutters are essential, particularly when you are unpacking after your move.

Storage Bins: Plastic storage bands are an excellent way to organize your smaller items like office stationary, small pictures and desk ornaments. They can be easily transported and stacked in the moving trucks.

Moving Carts: For loading and unloading the moving truck, a moving cart (also called a dolly) can always make the job easier. They can also be useful in transporting large furniture in your new office.

Moving Straps: Forearm straps are useful because they enable to lift things you otherwise wouldn’t be able to move. They also keep your back straight, which helps you and your employees to avoid back strain.

Furniture Glides: Use these tools to slide a heavy piece of furniture easily without damaging the floor.

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