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  3. Wednesday, January 03 2018, 03:52 AM
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Important Reminders When Moving House: How to Make the Deed as Stress-free as Possible

Moving house is not a simple task that can be completed in just one day. It requires organization and future planning to make sure that changing homes will be as stress-free and quick as possible. For those who will be moving to other homes for the first time, there are a couple of tips to give them some guides in packing. The first is to start with the boxes. Boxes are the primary tools in moving because they will be the temporary storage place for your valuables until they are moved and unpacked to the new house. In buying boxes, look for those that are sturdy to make sure they will not break if heavy things like vases or plates are placed in them. If the moving company can provide the boxes, you can start early packing as much as possible. However, if they do not provide free boxes, you can simply scavenge for unused carton crates on supermarkets or on small clothing stores and purchase good tape to secure them.

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In packing, the most important thing to remember is to always start on the things that are not considered as necessities like flower vases, coasters, and table accessories. Packing necessities like utensils and clothes is a big no-no because these are used on a daily basis. Also in packing, arranging and grouping things helps a lot to make moving easier and faster. Group all the kitchen equipments and the sofa fixtures in different boxes. If there is still time, make a list of all the things inside a certain box so that possessions can be easily traced in case some were stolen or lost.

Moreover, even though it is already in our instinct to leave things in order, cleaning the garage hours before the actual moving can be a major mistake. For one, the garage needs more than a couple of hours of cleaning and need few more hours of sorting things. So the ideal time to arrange things in the garage must be earlier or better if days before the actual movement. In packing, people should not let sentimentality rule over them unless they want to end up moving with large boxes full of things that are not really usable. Asking the children to pack can also lessen the stress for the parents. For little children, the parents can make packing sort of like a contest to make it fun. For example, the fastest one who packs all his things in an organised manner is the one who can first choose his room in the new house.

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After the packing is done, other important things to deal are settling the bills and taking care of paper works. These tasks can also involve arranging for the cutting of services for the water and electricity right at the day of the movement and changing your mail address into your new office to prevent incidences of mails delivered to old addresses. When planning to move, moving trucks and vans should be contacted earlier for reservation. Probably a couple of weeks earlier would be better. You can also ask your friends to help you move out some of your small packages so that a single trip of the moving truck can handle all the large equipment and furniture.

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