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  3. Wednesday, January 03 2018, 03:53 AM
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Moving Survival Box

Pack a box of items that you will need immediately alter your move. Load this box on the truck last so it will come oil the truck first. Start collecting the items for this box early so that it can be partially packed the final week before your move. Leave room in the box to add last minute items on moving clay. It should contain such things as:

-Paper plates, cups, and napkins

-Eating utensils

-Pots and pans

-Canned or boxed food items


-Coffee machine, coffee mugs, coffee, fillers, and sugar packets

-Remote controls to the television and stereo equipment (remove batteries if the move is long-distance)

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-Instruction manuals

-Kids’ toys (remove any batteries), videos, etc.

-Baby supplies

-Telephone, answering machine, and telephone list

-Paper towels, tissues, and toilet paper


-Cleaning supplies

-Alarm clock/radio (remove any batteries)

-Dishcloth and towels

-Can opener/wine opener

-Wine/champagne glasses

-Keys lo clocks, cabinets, jewelry chest, etc.

-Household light bulbs and a flashlight (remove batteries)

-First-aid kit: aspirin, bandages, antiseptics, prescriptions,


Pet Food and Supplies

Toolbox supplies and picture hooks that you have removed from your walls.

Also include any items that will make the first few days in your new location go more smoothly. You may also want to mark your stereo equipment, television, and computer boxes (blankets, sheets, towels, and shower curtain) with the words “OPEN IMMEDIATELY.” Hand carry removed batteries with you. The goal of preparing a survival box is to get your life back to normal as quickly as possible after your move.

The remote control just walked away! We sold our big-screen television to the new owners of the house. However, the packers inadvertently packed the remote control. I discovered the remote when I was unpacking at the new house, and I immediately mailed the remote to the new owners with an apologetic note for the inconvenience. Courtesy counts in a move and is always greatly appreciated.

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Packers and Movers

You do not plan to hire a cleaning service to clean your house after it is empty, you will need to pack a box of cleaning supplies to do this job yourself (refer to the checklist in Chapter Bight). Pack this box (the final week prior to your move. Since the movers cannot transport cleaning supplies in the moving van (refer to the section of this chapter called Eliminating Hazardous Materials), after you have finished cleaning your- house you will need to move this box in your own car. Dispose of the supplies appropriately, or donate them to a neighbor or to cleaning personnel. Add the names of supplies that you dispose of to the list of items to replace after the move.

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I am hoping that this information will make your life easier when you are moving. Moving is very difficult task and having survival box is very important. When you have most important things handy, your move becomes a lot easier for you and your family. Take notes, create checklist of items you need in your survival box and when you move go over it with your family and make sure that everything you need for your everyday life is conveniently available upon arrival at your destination.
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