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  3. Wednesday, January 03 2018, 04:04 AM
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Moving is Not That Bad When You Experienced it in the Past. How to Adopt to the New Location

New friends can be found in unlikely situations. I once met a woman al the community pool, and she became my friend for years, even after my family moved away. We have daughters one year apart in age, and we shared laughter and stories about our moving experiences. She too was new to the neighborhood. New friends do not replace old friends, but unlikely friends fulfill our needs at different points in our lives, and they may even develop into friendships that last a lifetime.

When you are the newcomer to the neighborhood, don’t expect the neighbors to invite you over first. People are busy today, juggling demanding jobs and children’s complex schedules. If you want to make friends more quickly, you must take the initiative to introduce yourself and to invite people over lo your house first. This applies to children too! Children are more likely to make friends quickly if you walk over to the neighbor’s house, knock on the door, and introduce yourself to other parents in the neighborhood.

If you have moved to a completely new area, you will get lost frequently while you try to learn your way around town. This may be very frustrating and stressful. When you are new to an area, keep a map with you at all times, or download directions from the Internet before you set out to find to a new destination. Review the map before you leave the house; this will help you get to new places more quickly and painlessly. Call ahead of time and ask for clear driving directions to avoid getting lost. Stop and ask for directions it you do gel disoriented. Or take a completely different approach and spend time driving around without a destination in mind just to get a feel for the region. Eventually you will acquire a mental map of the area, and your frustration level will drop each time you reach your destination successfully. When you finally know your way, you will feel more comfortable in your new surroundings.

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If you have moved over the summer’, as many people do, unpack the necessities only and then enjoy the rest of the summer. This is especially appropriate if you have children home on summer vacation. You don’t need to spoil a child’s summer holiday days by spending every day unpacking boxes. Children need extra love and attention more than ever after being uprooted from friends and familiar surroundings. It you are not a working parent, there will be plenty of time to decorate and perfect your house in the fall when the children return to school. If you are a working parent, consider hiring someone to help you get settled more quickly. Then use your free lime to take the children exploring in your new neighborhood and community. Enjoy this special time together as a family before the children have homework, extracurricular activities, and new friends knocking at the door.

As we all know, Mother Nature is unpredictable. When I was moving from Maryland to Washington in February, the major bridge was closed for three days due to a huge snowstorm. The moving company informed me that the van would be late! There is nothing you can do in this situation but just sit back and relax. Spend the extra time sightseeing in your new town, playing with your children, getting to know the new neighborhood, cleaning your new house, watching a movie, or reading a good book. Consider this unexpected break a time to give your body a chance to recover before the second wave of moving hits you … the unpacking!
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