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  1. Chris
  2. General Discussion
  3. Tuesday, 02 July 2013
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I played with Theme magic a lot last time and it is great tool, but I'm frustrated each time I do something wrong in less files (e.g I assign non-existing variable to another var in variables.less) and in Theme magic I see real mess. I mean non of css or less files are not working (I see site without styles) and then I must search and search for that little mistake for years almost :)
Can you add some error reporting or just throw error in which file is problem? Or there is some way to check what is wrong already?
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Hi Chris,

If you know there is something wrong with LESS. You can wait for a little time, the page should be show up.
There is another way. Please add ?themer=1 on your site link. It will run less (Javascript compiler) and you will see the problem.
Just remember you need to wait for 3 - 5 seconds for the page to showup.

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