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  1. Anna
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  3. Sunday, March 24 2013, 04:27 PM
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could somebody help me with the breadcrumbs' position in t3 framework blank template (joomla 3)? I have an 1200px width background-image, position: top center. If I see the page with widescreen monitor all of the modules, images start with the centering background image except of the breadcrumbs. How can I solve this problem? (the site: www.svetits.hu)

My other problem: If I see the page with a narrow monitor (which is narrower than 1200px), then the background image (1200px!!) don't fill the screen, on the right-hand side I see the background-color. Why? How can I solve it?

Than you in advance:
  1. http://www.svetits.hu
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Anna Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
For the breadcrumbs: margin:auto, max-width:1200px properties solve the breadcrumb problem and background-attachment:fixed the background image problem.
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