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  1. Tony
  2. General Discussion
  3. Sunday, 12 October 2014
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how to make that module name is automatically assigned to the class <div class="modules title">?
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she Dr Martens Donna was in school, we had junior high school like two little guess the playful days, class Canada Goose Italia bored when slipped out of the classroom to go to the canteen to buy tea eggs to eat; Will be in the fruit stand to buy Nike Air Max Shoes Outlet watermelon and boiled sweet potatoes to lunch; also rent old movies with secretly to get the school's radio room to look at, she always said very boring; test to hold the foot, she will be the first time and I To the library study; occasionally in the playground to go a few laps, or took to the streets channeling in the alley to find a restaurant to eat her home cooking. Occasionally to my apartment to watch movies all night, drink wine. ?At that time she was like singing, was a radio fancy, often to the recording, and sometimes advertising, I will accompany her to go. ?There are times on the road when she was very happy, told me some of her geeks heard, said the last time in the rehearsal hall to see a look quite looked beautiful and beautiful, quietly sitting there, the results really 'quite There are backing, 'sit down soon after the performance of the company's men by the level of the past has been flirting. ?Zijun side while talking about the imitation of the scene at that time, reach out on my shoulder, face also scatters for the tune-like, her face's hairs are touched my thin hair, my heart actually suddenly fiercely slightly dengkou, facial expressions are stiff The Naturally, this gimmick she does not know. ?Night walk, reflection in the river bank of thousands of lights like jade, in the dark water gently swaying, the scenery is very beautiful. An aunt put a photo of a stall photographed and quickly imaged. She was very good, to take pictures. I laughed and said she was vulgar, took the camera over and took the shadow of the two of us in the streetlight. ?Two shadows lean together, obliquely long shadow on the ground, looks very deep meaning can be savored. Is ambiguous from the two people, but in each other's life has a reflection. Not day and night. ?She put the photo in the bag and said, I like this picture, I will remember this evening. ?Half a month later, she and her boyfriend and complex, back to his home to live. ?My apartment or that dark look, stuck in a noisy city, like a gradually sinking quiet island. ?Sometimes the heart can not sleep at night, up to listen to the cello, V on the desk filled with typewriters practice pen words. Written with a sleepy, in order to go to bed to sleep. Daytime often headache splitting. ?In the school and how can not meet her. One after another or in a pile of friends to meet when she met her, she used to sit with me, always said to me, or happy with you, ah, or happy with you. ?I go back to her, that is, ah, then you come back to my apartment to live together. ?She smiled and said, no problem, as long as you make me happy, what is good to say. ?Sister, your words, but the Zapatos Under Armour Curry tone of the authentic clients. ?Who prostrate you ah ?Two people will be slapstick up, heartless smile. ?5 ?In the past is so sad to see her smile ah, then how. Zijun. I can not sit beside her sadly. At first sight of her, they think she has too much past, between the facial features whitewash, she has forgotten, she did not mention, but I was distressed, could not bear her unhappy. Just got me I missed her childhood, moncler outlet sito ufficiale juvenile. Otherwise I will give her Anping's life. ?In the past always feel that they are more ruthless people can be ruthless people. If you feel Zapatos Nike Shox that I want him to be indifferent, then his feeling is right, because this world is as thin as paper, I have been tired, no longer have the interest to do no return. I am just a laity, inadvertently thinking for others. ?But my mind is clear, Zijun not the same. I do not suffer from her suffering, sorrow she is not sorrowful, and only willing to leave her meet the joy of the morning and evening, drunk laughing thirty thousand field, do not complain from the injury. ?Later, this kind of miss has become a habit, but also their own rich and happy to get up, and my heart there is a personal place, is a collection, so before filling the blank of life. ?Remember to read the night to the morning, and read such a sentence: ?... ?But you will not forget me. You do not need to forget me. I am so light for you, you can be my Sunday afternoon as the marshmallows eat from time to time, adjust the taste of life. You will be a person when you miss me, miss my love for you, think: I met a warm woman. ?I have to spend a lifetime of energy to forget, to fight with hope and hope. Things are UGG Orejeras rojo never fair, I am playing a must lose the gambling, pay a lifetime of love. ?... ?There will be so one day. Memory Nike Roshe Run Mid and miss, not longer than our lives. But I and that day, in the end to be separated by how long the time, how much space, how many others, my, your things, how many classes to Nike Scarpe online open the train, how many people leave and how many People come back. That day is mixed with many things, people, moments, distance, can not remember? That day I will not know? I will not say, for example, on April 5, 1976 at Tiananmen Square, I forgot you. At that time I remembered you b
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