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  4. Wednesday, 01 July 2015
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Hi guys,
We would like to announce the release of T3 Framework version 2.4.9. This release's to fix an issue of T3.

For more detail of the release, please check out the following references:



If you have any comment/suggestion, leave us a message in the discussion page: http://t3-framework.org/discussions.html
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I'd upgrade gladly to T3 2.4.9...if I could do it!
I have been developing several sites using t3_bs3_blank as template and, of course, the t3 framework plugin.
I am using Joomla 3.4.0 stable (ember), PHP 5.4.21, a customized version of the t3_bs3_blank 2.1.4 template and T3 Framework plugin version 2.3.2
(The latter are badly out of date, I know, but there is a reason : whenever I tried to update thru the Joomla updater, it gave me errors such as "incompatible plugin" and so on. BTW, I spotted a " .../j16/..." in the midst of the old update URL, which strikes me as curious for a j30 update)

So, based on the "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" principle, I've let the update issue lie.

However, lately the site started malfunctioning when viewed on tablets.
On desktop computers, everything still works OK, as it always had.
On iPads, however, the dropdown menus have stopped working since the upgrade to iOS 8.4: if you click on the menu heading, it opens the dropdown menu, but if you tap on any item in that dropdown menu, it doesn't load the page the item points to.
So, I decided to upgrade the plugin to 2.4.9.
And here began the pains . I'll list them item by item :

• The system seemed uncertain if there was an upgrade available or not. While Joomla Control > Maintenance panel advised of the upgrades, the Template Manager > Edit Style page happily said "Congrats! You are using the latest version of T3 Framework ! Your Version is 2.3.2" on my local, development version (running on MAMP 3.0.3 on my iMac)...no comment. The online machine showed upgrades available in both positions. Maybe there are security settings in my LAN that blocks access to the ports Joomla uses (I doubt it, from what I know J! uses standard http and ftp ports, which are open), or maybe the failed updates have left the database "dirty" - I don't know.
• Upgrade via control panel > Maintenance does not work. It says incompatible plugin or something like that.
• After reading the forums, I tried installing JA Extension Manager (JAEM).
⁃ On the local machine JAEM installed but didn't work ("Please update the service setting or contact with service provider.";).
⁃ On the online machine JAEM installation crashed with a "file does not exist" error.
⁃ A quick tour of your forums then revealed that while you can download JAEM for free, it seems to be useless unless your site is registered with JoomlArt, which requires a paid membership (proof is here - https://www.joomlart.com/forums/showthread.php?99576-Error-Please-update-the-service-setting-or-contact-with-service-provider)
• So, I resorted to manual upgrade : I downloaded plg_system_t3.v2.4.9.zip from the T3 downloads site, and installed it on the online site thru Joomla's extension manager...
• KER-POW! The menus no longer dropped down, no matter the browser or device you used (you could only select the menu heading), and the homepage slideshow (YESlider) just disappeared.

I had to reinstall the site in a hurry from a backup I prudently made a few hours before.

I don't understand why it crashes that way:
The settings are the same - I checked.
I have customized CSS files (of course, since t3_bs3_blank is MADE to be customized), but they are all in the /templates/t3_bs3_blank folder, mainly contained in the custom.css and template.css files. I never touched any file in the /plugins folder, not to mention the /plugins/t3 folder, which is the one where I understand the plugin installs all of it styles.

So : Any idea about what to do to upgrade, or at least to make the menus work on tablets too ?
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ind of soul, Nike Air Max Shoes let alone not every soldier, and now has not experienced the war for more than 30 years, we can not like Sun Desheng Such a soul, even if it is dead to die in the road of the soul of the charge. Scenario 2: show qin righteousness awe-inspiring jade burns, Li Yunlong Nike Air Max Womens Shoes three roar lost his wife. This picture is really shaking ZZZZZZZZZZZ. When I heard Li Yunlong three times 'fired, fired, fired' roar, my tears and could not stop the flow down. Show chen dare to dare to hate, dare to dare to do, people have unspeakable like! In the last minute of life she wanted or the life of the soldiers, because more than a second delay will be a soldier sacrifice, and finally she chose to die with the mountain. 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Thank you for your share.
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nd smooth flow to the unknown distance. At both ends of the river bank, is a few sparse and arranged a few stone chairs, long. A girl, wearing a white leather coat, surrounded by a pale yellow lattice scarf, hand clutching a hot water cup, sitting on a stone chair looking at a book. Girl is not beautiful, in this talk about the breeze, the figure seems a bit thin, but she naturally into the immediate scenery, there is no sense of violation, as if a natural landscape painting. For a moment could not help but to guess about the girl thing, look at her age, as if not, should be a college student. So what is she looking at? Is it your own textbook? Or ready to test graduate information? There is no echo around, quiet, the wind is too light do not exercise, insects have not got up Qiu Ming chorus has not yet begun. The rest, only the sound of falling leaves, a piece of rustling sound; only the clouds drift to the sound, a two gently walk; there are, that is, the sunset to the sunset color of labor, about two Under the trouble. Looking at everything like this, as if a heavy footsteps, here will break this piece of quiet. The girl did not pay attention to these, as if she had completely penetrated the book in her hand, but naive cool, and occasionally put his hand on the hot cup of warm, and occasionally sip a hot water. I suddenly have an impulse, would like to go up and the girl say hello, just just say hello only. A heart is now completely calm down, I also differences, just still restless heart, just still for the trivial child irritability, and now has been completely calm. I slowed down, walked toward the other side, my mind no longer a trace of distractions, the heart left only the quiet. In the calm thinking, will see a lot of Cheap Nike Mens Shoes For Sale funny in the past, their own expectations, their dreams, their own way, as if only in this moment will be like a rain wash the general clear, but also as if only at this time Spotless Mens Nike Air Max Shoes The girl sitting away from my not far away, backed by the stone chair is a black asphalt road, I have walked along the road behind her, looked at her back, an elegant long Hair, at this moment is more free and easy. Smiled, I accelerated Cheap Nike Shoes the pace, walked gently behind her, followed by another falling maple leaf, gradually blurred. Autumn footsteps always go away, maybe the next round of sunrise is early winter, but who knows? A quiet, a thought, a little sentiment, a lost lost. In the sunset Jinhui, quietly waiting for the winter visit.That one, amazing the words of the year Walk to see a flower, with a roll of poetry and literature, inadvertently appreciate the transformation of these three years. Three years, some people will be the story on the shoulders, some people will be idle into the capsule, some people will be forgotten, some people will be sad, forget the way, I do not know return. Dear yourself, then you, please do not forget, that one, amazing the words of the Year, to find that belong to the soul of the original country. Do not remember who said: we exhausted life, but Authentic Nike Shoes Sale to the Authentic Free Run Shoes inner Orchids come, push the door into, see their own heart that the vast warmth of the hometown. Experienced things, the party will feel indifferent, abundance. Today, you know their own Sentimental and inadequate, and now you want three years after the transformation. Three years later, you will be twisted years dream; three years later, when you drink the years for the wine; three years later, you should be so angry, but initially did not change. No matter where and where, my dear, please do not forget the amazing words of your first years: not chaos in the heart, not trapped in love, fear the future, do not read past, so, good The (A) not chaos in the heart of reading tea, leaning to listen to the rain, Women Air Max 2015 the day clear as water. University time, always silent; out of the window, the heart attributed to peace. Three years after you, must not chaos in mind, and not chaos in the heart, is not easy to do. Ancient Huieng monk had said: not the streamers, not the wind, but the heart. This sentence inherent idealism of the limitations, but also tells a few clear reason to come. And then look at the Han Shan and pick up the dialogue, I remember the answer to pick up just let him, let him, avoid him, resistance to him, respect him, ignore him, wait a few years, you and see him. Visible, although the world is troubled, you Nike Free Run Shoes have to be the usual heart, not chaos in the heart. Of course, such a light life, not alienated from the earth, but to make themselves in this red practice more rustic. This book contains the truth of the book, in fact, hidden in the plain things. Back to nature, go with the flow. (B) not trapped in the lover can Wholesale Air Jordan Shoes not be confined to a room, build a barrier to isolation; people can not be trapped in their own love among the cold changes in the world and human well-being. Not trapped in the Cheap Nike Shoes situation is not a simple meaning: one is not rigidly adhere to the red tape and shy feelings, do the true nature of the people; the second is not indulge in the pleasures of love, do diligent people; have the University of Happy Tour, I
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. July 1997, he applied for a real estate agency's issuer, the basic salary of 300 yuan, not including room and board, issued a single business, only a little commission.The first day of work, the boss told a lot of encourage everyone's words, one of them 'do not find an excuse to find a way, is the last word is perfect' let him impressed. After work, he was full of strength, every morning at 6 o'clock on the evening, 12 pm still roadside leaflets. He worked hard for three consecutive months, issued a list of the most, the most feedback information, but did not make a single business. In order to give himself a boost, he told the boss of his phrase 'do not find an excuse to find a way, is the hard truth' written on the card, at any time to remind myself.His business gradually more, the company put him from the issuer promoted to clerk. At that time, the company sales of real estate is located in Beijing West Third Ring of high - grade office space, the value of 2,000 US dollars per square meter. This high - end housing, each sold a set of generous. He was so happy that he could make a difference. However, two months in the past, he did not sell a suite out. Finally one day, a customer came to him. He was mixed, happy is finally a customer, worry about I do not know how to talk with customers. His face Biede red, palms straight sweating. However, in addition to simply introduce the Mens Shoes On Sale Cheap situation of real estate, he did not know what to say, can only look at each other innocently. As a result, customers are disappointed to go.'Do not find an excuse to find a way, competent is the last word.' He constantly to their own encouragement, began to practice skills, take the initiative to talk with the street pedestrians, introduced real estate. Two months later, the ability to speak a lot higher.One day, a man holding the box to him to inquire about a bar where Sanlitun where. He enthusiastically told each other, but the other still did not understand, he simply led the other side, but also help the other side of the box. When he bid farewell, he made a leaflet to each other. That person is very interested in the next day to find him to buy two suites, and said: 'I usually annoy someone to sell things to me, but you are different, trustworthy.' This single let him earn Air Jordan 2009 ten thousand yuan. Gengrang his excitement is that he believes he can do the job. But his performance is not good, can only sell one or two suites a month, in the clerk is relatively poor.August 1998, the company formed into five sales groups, to take the final elimination system, he was eliminated in the edge. At this time he was 'competent is the last word' has a profound understanding, to be qualified to find a good way. So when an experienced clerk communicates with the customer, he sat next to it and listened to how they described the real estate and how to get closer to the customer. He also bought a lot of marketing skills on the book to learn, he learned to grasp the customer's psychology, to determine customer needs, strength, each time with customers are targeted. His performance began to rise steadily.August 1999, another company in Beijing to his company to dig people, promised to twice the current treatment, ask him to go. He carefully analyzed the situation and found that many of the company elite, he is difficult to succeed, declined the invitation of each other. 'Excavation' to the company a great impact, leaving the people immediately became the pillars of the company, has two years of experience, he quickly come to the fore. One of his clients wants to buy a desk and can not decide. Billion know, to the customer made a report, a detailed analysis of the characteristics of the real estate, while telling customers, his real estate price advantage where The customer finally decided to buy a large area in his real estate office. This single, sold 20 million yuan. Later, he sold a season to 60 million yuan in the company ranked first. In accordance with the provisions of the company, sales of the top five who can run the Deputy Director of Sales, he decided to try. As a result, he succeeded. Did not expect the end of the first season, he led Cheap Nike Shoes For Women the sales group came in the last one. He was in the deputy director of the 'throne' did not sit hot, was withdrawn. Most of the people who had been revoked deputy director positions had chosen to leave because they felt no longer a face as an ordinary salesperson. He thought, he was eliminated, entirely because they are not competent, where to fall, I want to get up from where to get up. Redo the clerk, he adjusted his mind, and worked hard as before. In 2003 the last season, he also won the first company, once again campaign as deputy director of sales. This time, he began to carefully train the staff of his staff, their experience unreservedly imparted to them. He said: 'Only everyone is good, my situation will be better.' The results of the end Cheap Nike Dunk SB Mens Shoes of the season, his group achieved very good results, sales of more than 80 million yuan, the lease has reached more than 50 million yuan. Since then, his team's performance has be
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