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  1. Kees
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  3. Saturday, 18 July 2015
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I use T3 Bs3 blank template and want a menu right above. I placed it in the position: head-search. Now I have a vertical menu there. But I want a horizontal menu.
I see that there is a horizontal menu when I remove nav-stacked in the ul (with Firebug in FF). But in which file (where) can I edit this to make the horizontal menu definitive?
Or is there another solution to get a horizontal menu in the top right?

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Please open the file: plugins\system\t3\base-bs3\html\mod_menu\default.php, find the class and do customization as you want but we suggest to copy the default.php file to the: templates\t3_bs3_blank\html\mod_menu and do the customization.

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