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  1. Sabuj Kundu
  2. General Discussion
  3. Wednesday, 18 September 2013
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I am using a t3 blank theme.
T3 has a base theme which loads few template override files for different module and component from base theme's html folder
Generally the blank theme doesn't have any html folder for extra template override and as fallback t3 loads from base theme
I am talking about com_content, article view, default.php file
I am talking about the hook used for content before and after
Technical name

So if any one check the default.php file from base theme's html folder for com_content component and article view

The before and after hook is not placed in same html hierarchy. After display content hook is placed after the </article> tag and before display content hook is placed inside the article tag. Yes I know the developer can put them any where but it's also true that they are same type hook to use before or after article display text display. Plugin developers can use the both hook taking care to inject something . For default joomla template I never found to use the afterdisplay hook in another html hierarchy of beforedisplay content. What happened with one of my plugin while I tried to use with t3 , I put a start tag in beforedisplaycontent and put the end tag in after display content and for t3 it broke ! I needed to pass multiple hours what's wrong and why this is happening.

@T3 developers,

Can you please bring the afterdisplaycontent hook in same html hierarchy of beforedisplaycontent as default for the base theme ?

Thank you for understanding the
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