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es, some people learn ostrich, the head buried in the sand; some people are learning tiger head and on. However, in real life, most people are the former, while the latter is very rare morning star. Life will inevitably fall into the trough, this time you have to dare to stand up, do affect the source of all, so that it may seize the opportunity to come to the fore. 19, while doing a lot of things, the energy scattered Goethe said: 'A man can not rtwo horses, ride this horse, it is necessary to lose that match, smart people will be scattered to the requirements of the degree of energy aside.' Human life and energy is limited, we have to learn to condenser , To Nike Free 5.0 V4 exclude all the trivial interference, all the information, energy, enthusiasm and focus on your target, this way, you do not want to succeed is difficult. 20, never dream as one thing Human beings are dreaming and magical, but have you ever found that your dreams go away from you as you grow older, until the last disappears. This time, you only confirm that their dreams have been stolen, and there is no redemption of the courage and ability. 21, the neglect of personal bad habits change 'Bad habits are we can not open the heart of the lock; bad habits are we turn the bend; bad habits are we can not Cheap Michael Kors Handbags see the obstacles . good habits to keep, bad, bad habits Used to correct, never let bad habits around our future. 22, afraid to make mistakes and refused to try No one likes to make mistakes, but some people say: mistakes are the best learning, the so-called 'eat a cut, long wisdom' is the same reason. If we can from another point of view to their own mistakes, may not be a good thing. Because we can learn from the mistakes, driven us to progress. 23, blindly insist Appropriate to give up is open-minded, is self-confidence, is beyond the self, is to put down a heavy to their own a relaxed. Life is not absolutely desperate, when there is no way to go, calm yourself, give up, a new hope will show in your eyes. 24, life, too publicity The ancients have a cloud: 'the sea without its water, so Sheng its big.' The sea has been able to accommodate thousands of streams, because the total position of their own put the lowest, so become broad and deep. Life is also the case, should always put their place on the low, with a modest attitude should be, so as to learn from the public, in order to conclude a good popularity. 25, lack of courage from scratch again Coach Handbags [url=http://www.nikeyeah.com]Shoes Outlet Outlet[/url] Failure is not terrible, terrible is why I do not know why. Good at summing up the lessons of failure, analysis of the reasons for failure, access to a rare experience, failure can become precious wealth Nike Air Max Womens than money, is the new starting point, is the success of the post. 26, follow the public to go, absolutely Michael Kors Crossbodies not wrong Do their own master, have their own thinking, dominate their words and deeds, cherish their own feelings . because of the domination of their own, so more profound understanding of their own. Because of accepting their own, so prefer yourself, and then their best side presented. 27, life as long as the status quo on the line 'In fact, it is to tell us to stay away from the comfortable trap, to keep themselves in the' uncomfortable 'state , Can only have a big as. 28, never to be a joke fool A person can only make progress (by George Bernard Shaw), and it is only in the world that he can only learn to make a fool if he is able to learn skating. 29, interpersonal too intimate Intimate there, wonderful wonderful beauty in the distance. Water Mochizuki, smoke and mirrors, curtains view beauty, deep mountains to explore treasures. All the charming charm, is not the magic of the distance effeKeep a distance, and sometimes give a hope and confidence, feel like a touch of warmth and fragrance. 30, but the mountain, I will not go When the difficult 'mountains' do not take the initiative to move, the face of difficulties we should take the initiative to approach them. Instead of waiting for rally, it is better to take the opportunity. When we can not make the mountain closer to us, we can take the best way is to take the initiative to the mountain approached. 31, others are always right Others some of the evaluation, may make you sad, but do not forget 'born I will be useful' this sentence. But the superstition of others, not to other people's goals to measure their own value. Learn to accept themselves, do not underestimate their own, we must always believe that one day he will have a own stage. 32, the eyes see absolutely not wrong Tagore said: 'We are wrong in the world, against the world to deceive us.' The world is not in the way you imagine the way of running, the reason why we will miss the world, the root cause is not the illusion of life, but because our intuition to deceive ourselves. 33, too much to blame others, not reflect on self People see the outside of the problem, better than to see their own internal problems easier, and the wrong to others, than to review their own easier. So, cynical people from the young anger to Nike Air Max Shoes Outlet the old, strabismus for a long time to see what is not pleasing to the eye. 'Survived the sa
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jaytse Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
to learn English and pay the time, money and energy to become a waste of resources. In this regard, Li Guangyu proposed to change the English 'college entrance examination must be compulsory, primary and secondary compulsory' status, the English subject from the college entrance examination must be selected subjects, from primary and secondary school compulsory courses to elective courses, improve learning efficiency, reduce learning burden. For Li Guangyu's proposal, with the education group chairman Yu Minhong has opposed. 'I think the proposal to cancel the English exam is a bit hasty and even more reckless.' Learning English is no longer decided by the state, it is, 'said Yu Minhong, a member of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference and chairman of the New Oriental Education Group. China Cheap Nike Dunk SB Mens Shoes 's inevitable demand for the world. Yu Minhong said that even in the United States, Europe and other countries, children have a second foreign language (course) exam. 'This marks that the world is no longer an isolated world, so learning English is still a good thing for children.' Although Yu Minhong does not agree to cancel the English test, but he proposed to reduce the proportion of English in the college entrance examination , Or reduce the difficulty of English in college entrance examination. 'If some families want their children to go abroad for further study, will naturally give children the amount of English learning, but English for ordinary people, especially in remote areas of children, learning still has some difficulties.' Family burden: In addition to the burden of students, Li Guangyu also believes that the excessive attention to the study of English and the pursuit of a large number of parents to apply for extracurricular tribute to children, but also increased the family financial burden. Li Guangyu calculations, according to the Ministry of Education statistics show that the country a total of primary school, junior high school, high school students in 16378 million people, according to per capita learning English in the total cost of only 1,000 yuan, the Chinese children for one year English compulsory Class to consume 1637.8 billion yuan. However, the Ministry of Education issued the '2015 National Education Development Statistics Bulletin' found that the country a total of primary, middle and high school students about 1804 million people. In addition, China and Thailand Securities in March 2016 issued a 'education industry K12 English education' (K12 from kindergarten to high school third grade) research report shows. In 2014, nearly 50% (48%) of the parents for children in English learning costs incurred for less than 2,000 Mens Nike Shoes Sale yuan. Which choose less than 2,000 yuan, mostly for the second and Air Jordan 2010 third tier cities users, and choose 5001 yuan to 1 million, north of the wide users are relatively more. According to this scale projections, a conservative estimate of China K12 English education in 2014 the market size of about 729.6 billion yuan. If only in accordance with the primary education fixed asset investment growth rate of 29.6% calculation, the next five years, K12 English education market size will be 10 to 30% increase in the rate of growth. Iris Consulting '2016 Chinese Children's English Learning White Paper' shows that 31.1% of parents to their children in English learning for the annual cost of 5000 to 10,000 yuan, the cost of 10000 to 15,000 yuan, the proportion of parents reached 24.5%. However, every small series in another group of data found that although Li Guangyu personally think that most people for college entrance examination and learn English time, money and energy, resulting in a waste. But the child's parents do not think so. In the report of Ereli, 'English is a must language tool' is the parents of children to learn the most important reason for English, and in order to study and study the importance of learning English only third. For English learning, every small series also found a trend that the development of artificial intelligence may in the near future will help different countries to overcome the obstacles to communication. At the same time, the need to learn a foreign language will also decline. In February this year, held in South Korea, a manmachine translation war. Four in the translation work for more than 10 years Korean senior translator, and Google, South Korea Naver 3 companies such as artificial intelligence translation software Competition. The contest judges designated one of the Korean and English news of the day, as well as Korean and English literary Cheap Nike Shoes works that have never been translated. Ultimately, the team of senior translators won an average of 24.5 to 10.6. Although the entire article of Artificial Intelligence software translation time only 2 minutes, but its accuracy can only reach the professional translation level of about 50%. Especially in the literary works of some mildly expressed, it is difficult to translate a lot of words meaning. However, experts predict that artificial intelligence translation will be availab
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Surveillance Kart Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
Nice information to read out - great post
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