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  3. Thursday, 21 November 2013
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Hi there,

I moved from JA Elastica template to T3 blank template.
For the JA Elastica template I needed JA T3 Framework system plugin.
While for the T3 blank template, this plugin doesn't work.
You get a
JError: T3 Plugin is not enabled

You have to disable it and install instead the T3 Framework system plugin.
If you let both enabled you get a
Notice: Constant T3_TEMPLATE already defined in E:\Web_Pages\pb2011\html2.5\plugins\system\jat3\jat3\core\define.php on line 20
Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class T3Path in E:\Web_Pages\pb2011\html2.5\plugins\system\jat3\jat3\core\path.php on line 191

This un-interoperability of both plugins is a shame because
* it is pretty confusing because both plugin share really similar names !!!
* The JA T3 Framework system plugin comes with nice enhancments for the menu items you have to abandon when using the T3 blank template

I use:
Joomla : 2.5.16
Templates :
* ja_elastica : 2.5.3
* t3_blank : 1.4.2
Plugins :
* T3 Framework : 1.4.2
* JA T3 Framework : 2.6.7

At short term, Is there any solution (even hack) to use the T3 blank template with the JA T3 Framework system plugin ?

At long term, is it foreseen to merge these 2 plugins ?
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Accepted Answer Pending Moderation

We are sorry but that these two plugins are conflict with other.
It seems there was no way to install these two plugins in the same Joomla website.

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