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  1. Jorge Gama
  2. General Discussion
  3. Sunday, 23 November 2014
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I have been modifying and adding new layouts and blocks to the template creating different layouts to each template style, such as in the Purity III template.

In this example, lets say I created a template style called "Fullwidth" which uses the "Features Intro 1" layout from Purity III. I than added the following code to the template style.

In tpls/features-intro-1.php :


In less/layouts/fullwidth.less :

.header-crumbs {
background-color: @gray-lightest;
color: @gray-light;
padding: 30px 0 35px;
border-top: 1px solid @gray-lighter;
.breadcrumb {
background-color: transparent;
padding: 0px;
font-size: @font-size-h3;
font-weight: 300;

Now, in development mode everything works fine but when I compile LESS to CSS the fullwidth stylesheet is not compiled and, therefore, not present in the local/css/layouts folder.

Is it possible to added custom LESS files and compile them using the template backend and how can this be done?
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Hi Jorge Gama

When compiling LESS to CSS, it will be compiled to "css/layouts" folder as you put the .less file in the "less/layouts/". Please check if the "fullwidth.css" is existed in the "css/layouts" folder or not.

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