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  1. TylerD
  2. General Discussion
  3. Sunday, 07 June 2015
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I am having trouble getting a simple dropdown menu to work.
I would like to only have the current active menu items submenus visible. At the moment i can only get the submenu items of all parent items to be visible at the same time, which is quite confusing for site visitors.
When I set the off canvas menu module to not always show submenu items, they do not expand at all, when hovering or tapping them. The parent menu items are all external "#" links, because they dont lead anywhere. Is that a problem?
All I would like to have, is having all submenu items from non active parents to not be expanded and only expand on hover/touch/click. How can that be done?
Thank you very much!
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That the way Menu Module in Joomla 3 works, Off-canvas loads Module menu. If you want it to work the way you expect, you have to do some customization.

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