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The answers for most asked questions of T3 Framework

T3 Bootstrap 2 version

When you create template based on T3 based templates, you can not upgrade for new versions as they are different templates.

This guide helps you to rename or create new template based on T3 blank or T3 BS3 blank template. Here is the steps:

Step 1: download T3 based template

There are 2 T3 based templates: T3 blank and T3 BS3 blank. The difference of the 2 template is: T3 blank template integrates Boostrap 2 and Font Awesome 3 while T3 BS3 Blank template integrates Bootstrap 3 and Font Awesome 4.

To download T3 based template, follow >> this link.

Step 2: rename template folder and language files

Unzip the T3 based template you downloaded and rename the template folder.

rename T3 template folder

Next, open the your_template_folder/language/en-GB folder and rename the language files:

  • en-GB.tpl_t3_bs3_blank.ini >> en-GB.tpl_joomlart_template.ini
  • en-GB.tpl_t3_bs3_blank.sys.ini >> en-GB.tpl_joomlart_template.sys.ini

Step 3: edit templateDetails.xml file

Open the templateDetails.xml file, edit the file as the instruction:

Change the template name from:




Define language files for the template, change from:

<languages folder="language">
<language tag="en-GB">en-GB/en-GB.tpl_t3_bs3_blank.ini</language>
<language tag="en-GB">en-GB/en-GB.tpl_t3_bs3_blank.sys.ini</language>


<languages folder="language">
<language tag="en-GB">en-GB/en-GB.tpl_joomlart_template.ini</language>
<language tag="en-GB">en-GB/en-GB.tpl_joomlart_template.sys.ini</language>

Step 4: zip template folder and install into your Joomla system

Zip the template folder, access your site back-end setting, go to: Extensions >> Extension Manager then browse the template zip file then install.

install template into your joomla system

Go to Extensions >> Template Manager to check the installed template.

installed template

Installing Google Analytics in Joomla template developed by T3 Framework can be done in a multiple way. Here is how we can manage to get that is gonna take you maximum 5 minutes.

Here are the 2 steps:

Step 1: Get your Google Analytic code

Step 2: Add the Google Analytic code to your site

From the back-end of your site, go to Extensions >> Template Manager.

Open the template style setting panel of the template, in this example, we use T3 Blank as our template. So we're gonna open the template style setting panel of JA_V3-Home

Navigate to Injection tab then add the Google Analytic Code to the field Before

Now please open tab Injection then add the Google Analytic Code to the field Before .

These settings in the Injection tab are set as the global settings. That means you can add the google anlytic code to any style without go back in each style and add it manually.

If you weren't able to find these settings in the administration panel, that means you are using the older version of T3 Framework that is anywhere lower than version 1.3.0. You can upgrade to the latest version of T3 Framework (please always back-up before proceeding to any updates, it's highly recommended) or you can install the Google Analytics code manually (by adding code to a file that can be used in all pages). For more in-depth in the manual installation, please check the Video Tutorial for more info.

When it comes to Live Chat services, it really depends on which Live Chat services you are using. Each has its own requirement on adding its scripts. But no worry, we have those common places listing out in the Injection tab, so you can just go ahead to copy & paste them accordingly.

These settings are applied to the site's global settings as well, so you can only need to add the scripts once.


If you find trouble to display com_content in homepage whatever the menu type is assigned to, this thread would be useful for you.

The explaination for this problem is, in some templates, the home layout has no Component position and you assigned the home layout for Homepage.

List of templates that doesn't have Component position in home layout.

  1. JA Hawkstore
  2. JA Fubix
  3. JA Mitius
  4. JA onepage

How to Fix ?

Each template could have one or many layouts, but all the templates always have default layout, in the default layout, the Component is always loaded.

There are 2 ways to fix this issue

1. Add position "Component" to "home" layout

Step 1: open home layout file (it should be home.php) located in templates/ja_template/tpls/blocks.

	<?php $this->loadBlock ('header') ?>		
	<?php $this->loadBlock ('slideshow') ?>		
	<?php $this->loadBlock ('spotlight-1') ?>
	<?php $this->loadBlock ('mainbody-home') ?>
	<?php $this->loadBlock ('spotlight-2') ?>
	<?php $this->loadBlock ('footer') ?>

Step 2: Open block file that you want to add Component to, we suggest to add to mainbody-home block. So open file mainbody-home.php located in templates/ja_template/tpls/blocks/.

Add the following code.

<jdoc:include type="component" />

Inside <!-- MAIN CONTENT --> ... <!-- //MAIN CONTENT -->

<div id="t3-content" class="t3-content">
	<jdoc:include type="message" />
	<jdoc:include type="component" />

	<?php if ($this->countModules('home-2')) : ?>
	<section class="featured-products">
		<jdoc:include type="modules" name="<?php $this->_p('home-2') ?>" style="T3Xhtml" />
<?php endif ?>

<!-- //MAIN CONTENT -->

2. Change layout for Home style

Open the Home template style and choose the default layout that has Component position.

Note: by choosing a different layout, it will change the existing layout/structure of your homepage.

T3 Framework is a responsive framework template, that means all the templates developed with T3 Framework are responsive at core.

So how T3 does with Third party extensions like K2, Virtuemart ... in term of responsive ?

It does not intervene the 3rd extensions, hence if the 3rd extensions are not responsive by itself, then it's a huge chance they won't be responsive when you install in any of the templates developed with T3 Framework. Now it's up to you to consider if you want them in your site or not. If you still decide to go with it, you probably have to do the customization to make it responsive, and it sure does take a lot of time and effort. Please be wise here.

What is Joomla Template

The Template controls the overall look and layout of your site. It provides the framework that brings together common elements, modules and components as well as providing the cascading style sheet for your site.

What is Joomla Template Style

Template style feature (version 2.5 and above) is to assign different template styles to individual menu items. The default template style can be partially or completely overridden by assigning different template styles to the desired menu items in order to obtain a different look for their respective pages.

What is it used for

Template Hook allows you to track what component, menu item that you are working on when you debug.

When debug any item, please scroll up to the HTML section, you will see what component that the item you are debugging belongs to.

The templateHook.php file is located in templates/t3_bs3_blank. The file is the same in all JA Templates that are developed with T3 Framework.