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  1. Mohammad Musharof
  2. General Discussion
  3. Friday, August 30 2013, 03:27 PM
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Hello, i am looking for custom/useful class file in T3. Where is those classes located?
Example from other framework class:
/* Padding */
.nopadding{padding: 0;}
.nopadding-left{padding-left: 0 !important;}
.nopadding-right{padding-right: 0 !important;}
.nopadding-bottom{padding-bottom: 0!important;}

/* Both */
.nobg{ background: transparent; }

/* Alignments */
.pull-left{float:left;margin-right: 15px;}
.pull-right{float:right;margin-left: 15px;}
.align-left{text-align: left;}
.align-right{text-align: right;}
.align-center{text-align: center;}

.width-block{float: left;}
.width-20 {width: 20%;}
.width-25 {width: 25%;}
.width-30 {width: 30%;}
.width-33 {width: 33.333333333333336%;}
.width-40 {width: 40%;}
.width-50 {width: 50%;}
.width-60 {width: 60%;}
.width-70 {width: 70%;}
.width-75 {width: 75%;}
.width-80 {width: 80%;}
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Hi Mohammad Musharof,

T3 does not contains any helper class like these.
T3 is based on Bootstrap and have some adaptive class with Joomla.

You can check for /less/joomla.less and module.less, they may have some serveral helper class but not all.
You can add it for yourself.

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