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  1. Craig Seal
  2. General Discussion
  3. Saturday, 23 February 2013
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I am a fairly novice joomla user and an even more novice t3-framework user. I have managed to get my site up and running but there are a few small issues that your framework seems to create that arnt present with other templates in use.

The first is that the article options button (usually top right) which as standard includes print, email, edit, etc doesn't work at all. Your template doesn't seem to recognise it as button. It displays but does not show a drop down with the options in it as expected. Is there anyway this can be fixed as at the moment all of my articles display an icon in the corner that does nothing and it looks pretty stupid.

Secondly, on the home page as I have disabled the standard page info (publish date, author, etc) I am left with a good inch gap between the menu bar at the top and the first line of the article. This problem is compounded by my first problem as the article options button sits on its own in a huge inch deep gap at the top of my articles.

I have managed to make most of the site work but these few things make it all look a bit messy. Any help would be greatly appreciated as I cant publish the site until these issues are resolved.

Many thanks for your help in advance.
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have you activated the print, email, edit Options in Backend ?
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