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  1. datformatie®B.V.
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  3. Tuesday, 31 December 2013
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<jdoc:include type="megamenu" menutype="anyvalue"

Where do I find the possible attribute of the jdoc:include statement
Where do I find info on possible values of the attribute values?

specifically for T3 BS3 Blank v2.0.2
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Hi datformatie®B.V.

The document is on progress. We still not publish it.

Though <jdoc:include type="megamenu" menutype="anyvalue" name="same value as menutype />
As above, we have 3 attributes.

- type: can be megamenu or t3bootstrap
- menutype: actual menu type to be render
- name: should be same as menutype as if you call this <jdoc: /> multiple time, it will cache the output

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