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  1. Kes Whitehead
  2. General Discussion
  3. Monday, 24 June 2013
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I am using the Artof editor within Joomla! and HikaShop for some description fields. The text is displayed in a round cornered box with a very pale grey background, which is great, but the wrapping from one line to another just chops through the middle of words. How can I get a sensible word wrap?

Looking at the code for the elements on the displayed page it appears to be in templates.t3_blank.less.bootstrap.less where there is 'word-wrap: break-word'.

Any suggestions as to what I can do?
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Hi Kes Whitehead,

You can always change the css via less file or custom.css file.
Just add some simple rules to overwrite the existing one or change the css rule in less file.

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