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  1. Daniel
  2. General Discussion
  3. Sunday, 16 February 2014
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I am currently building a website on my local machine and I can't get the dropdown menu to show up. I have played around with turning it on/off and in megamenu editor the menu shows as I want it to appear with submenus there turned on but can't get it to work.

I have also set up the same site online at http://www.danielwthomas.com/res to test it on a different machine and it still does not work. I have read the posts which others has made and tried the suggestions of updating the script.js file with no success.

Joomla 3.2.1
T3 Blank 2.1.1
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Hi Daniel,
did you check your mainmenu module in joomla and actived Show Sub-menu Items

your are using t3-bs template 2.1.1

hope it helps
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