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  1. Ashley
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  4. Tuesday, 15 July 2014
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Joomla v3.3.1 - Joomlart t3-blank template v2.1.5

This is subtle but a real problem for me

When I create a menu module and menu and then select it to appear in the megamenu I have a problem with controlling or overriding the css in particular for the ul element

The li and a inside the ul are taking their width from the ul. I have them as styled as "block" as I want them to take up the full width of the "row" "span3"

I want the width taken from the div class="module-inner" or above, but the ul reduces the width I don't know why or what is controlling it

I have spent hours searching all the css files and php files to no end

The line of code normally looks like this

<ul class="nav">

It is the .nav class that is giving me problems when it is in the megamenu

.t3-megamenu .t3-module ul, .t3-megamenu .t3-module .nav

.t3-megamenu .t3-module ul.nav

For some reason it reduces the width of the element on the right side by 22px from the parent divs

<div class="span3 mega-col-module" data-position="185" data-width="3">
<div class="mega-inner">
<div id="Mod185" class="t3-module module ">
<div class="module-inner">
<h3 class="module-title ">
<div class="module-ct">
<ul class="nav ash-trial-menu-class-sfx">
<li class="item-1164">
<a href="/emergency-phone-numbers">Emergency Phone Numbers</a>
<li class="item-1156">
<li class="item-1158">
<li class="item-1160">
<li class="item-1157">
<li class="item-1161">
<li class="item-1162">
<li class="item-1163">
<li class="item-1248">

I cannot find where it is getting it's width from using firebug or any other developer tools searched high and low completely flummoxed

I tried overriding the class, but when I add add a menu class suffix it looks like this

<ul class="nav my-menu-class-sfx"> note space between nav and my-menu-class-sfx stops me overriding the .nav class

I thought I would hack the php file which I thought was - home/mysite/public_html/modules/mod_menu/tmpl/default.php, but it didn't work, so I spent hours looking through the other php files, but nothing

I cannot find the php file where I can remove the space after the .nav class and before my-class-sfx, which would give me the ability to override or replace the .nav class

I have as a test also published the same menu module to side-bar-1 and in that position there is no problem as the element is not in a t3-megamenu element only in a t3-module

Using Firebug I can delete the .nav class and the problem disappears, I have to add back all the rest of the styling I want but it does work

I hope you can understand what it is I am trying to achieve here and maybe offer some assistance

Best regards

Ashley in Spain

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Hi All
Found It
The t3 framework was overriding the default joomla mod_menu file
Found the file in the override folder in the plugins -> plugins/system/t3/base(or base-bs3)/html/mod_menu/
There are html override folders in multiple locations with specific hierarchy
First level override is in the plugins folders as described above, next level is in the in the templates folders ->templates/my_chosen_template/html/mod_menu/
I now have control
Best regards
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