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  1. vijayanand
  2. General Discussion
  3. Wednesday, 16 July 2014
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I see that several T3 templates supports the version 3.0 of Bootstrap, I wonder how you guys are doing to ensure backward compatibility for all those extensions at the Joomla! extensions directory that built on bootstrap 2.3.2 which is the official version supported by Joomla! so far.

Are you guys also supporting BS 2.3.2 markup and classes on all your BS 3.0 templates or simply not.
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For template that support Bootstrap 3, it can also be compatible with Bootstrap 2. In the general tab of template style manager, you will see the setting Legacy Compatible, this setting loads some important compatible styles for Bootstrap 2 and Font Awesome 3.x.
Please check the image below:http://easycaptures.com/fs/uploaded/797/4231189707.png

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