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  4. Saturday, 19 July 2014
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I am using T3 BS3 Blank version 2.1.5 and T3 Framework version 2.3.0.

Have just used Theme Magic to make a single colour change on Default theme - then saved that as a new theme with a different name.

Clicked the LESS to CSS Button and everything worked, no problems - the new colour was visible.

Then I looked in the CSS Themes folder and the new theme CSS folder was not there.

I tried adding more memory to PHP in MAMP, still no luck.

Help in fixing this problem would be appreciated.



Sorry - found the answer myself.

Themes are now located in the new local folder - a new feature in the latest version of T3 Framework version 2.3.0.
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It's a new feature in the version, please check out the documentation: http://t3-framework.org/documentation/new-features#isolate-template

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