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  1. Hector Manuel Lozano Morales
  2. General Discussion
  3. Sunday, 21 July 2013
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I cloned spotlight block and made a new one 'showcase' which can have 4 positions: showcase-1, showcase-2, showcase-3, showcase-4.

I need to use only showcase-1 and showcase-2. By default they both are width 6 (12/2) and I need them to be showcase-1 = 8 and showcase-2 = 4.

How can I set a different width than the default division of 12 / column # ?
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Hi Hector,

It is easy, you can use Layout function (Responsive tab) in Backend to get it done.

Though you can set it via php code.

$this->spotlight('myspotlight', 'showcase-1, showcase-2', array(
'showcase-1' => array(
'default' => 'span8'
'showcase-2' => array(
'default' => 'span4'

Hope it helps,

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