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  1. Chamira Athauda
  2. Sherlock Holmes
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  4. Wednesday, 03 September 2014
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I want to have a position for a media player/slider and two modules beneath it WITHIN the Main Body Content BLOCK, above where the 'content' is loaded.

This is because I want the side-menu to be alongside the media player/slider - so putting it in a spotlight position above the Main Body Content Block doesn't achieve that.

Please see the attached image of what I want to achieve. The are outlined in RED is the main content block (and contains a side-bar position), the areas in YELLOW are new positions for media, and the area in GREEN is where the normal page/blog content should start to appear:


I have followed the customization video and tutorial in the BS2 documentation pages, but whether I try to load another spotlight block in to the Main Body Content Block or just simply try to add a custom position - nothing seems to work.

I have cloned the layout, copied the relevant content block file to local/tpls/blocks/ folder, and updated the templateDetails.xml

The only thing that works is that my HTML comment and a new DIV added to the duplicated content block file is appearing!

Here is my code to try to add just a custom position under the content area. This is just to test if the customization is working and not the layout I am after:

1 - In the cloned layout file (local/tpls/ds-default-content-right.php):

<?php $this->loadBlock ('header') ?>

<?php $this->loadBlock ('mainnav') ?>

<?php $this->loadBlock ('spotlight-1') ?>

<?php $this->loadBlock ('ds-mainbody-content-right') ?>

<?php $this->loadBlock ('spotlight-2') ?>

<?php $this->loadBlock ('navhelper') ?>

<?php $this->loadBlock ('footer') ?>


2 - In the content block file (local/tpls/blocks/ds-mainbody-content-right.php)

// positions configuration
$mastcol = 'mast-col';
$sidebar1 = 'sidebar-1';
$sidebar2 = 'sidebar-2';
$custom = 'custom';

<div id="t3-content" class="t3-content <?php echo $this->getClass($layout, $col) ?>" <?php echo $this->getData ($layout, $col++) ?>>
<jdoc:include type="message" />
<jdoc:include type="component" />

<div id="t3-media-block" class="t3-media-1">
<jdoc:include type="modules" name="<?php $this->_p($custom) ?>" style="T3Xhtml" />
<!-- //MEDIA MODULES -->
<!-- //MAIN CONTENT -->

3 - And I have defined the 'custom' position in the templateDetails.xml

4 - BUT when I look at the Layout tab in the T3 template manager - I do not see anything different, the custom position does not appear.

What am I doing wrong?
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Please give me time to duplicate your case from my side. I will try to give you solution as soon as possible, could be tomorrow :)

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