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  1. Chamira Athauda
  2. Sherlock Holmes
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  4. Friday, 05 September 2014
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I have an Acymailer module with a newsletter sign-up. It has a button and the colour is blue.

This button has a class btn-primary and that is defined in form.less

.btn-primary {
.buttonBackground(@btnPrimaryBackgroundHighlight, @btnPrimaryBackground);

I have tracked down the value for @btnPrimaryBackground in variables.css like so:

@btnPrimaryBackground -> this is defined in -> @linkColor -> this is defined in -> @T3secondaryColor -> this is defined in -> @yellowDS -> and finally its value is: #ebb101;

But my button background is appearing as BLUE not YELLOW

However, if I edit the code above and directly include a yellow colour like this:
.buttonBackground(#ffd133, #ffc600)

Then the button is YELLOW!

So somewhere down the line the LESS processor seems to be ignoring the variable definitions.

Is this a bug?
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