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  1. Maurice
  2. General Discussion
  3. Tuesday, 14 October 2014
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Hey guys,
i am searching on this issue since 2 hours and i don't know how i can change it.
I created a Menu Item and gave it and added a image to the Menu Item. How can i change the Menu Item Image size only in the Navigation bar to lets say max-height: 32px;. I found the class "img " in less.core.cc but when i change this to max-height:32px; it will also change the Logo to this size.

I hope you can understand and help me

Kind Regards
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Hi Maurice,

You want to add icon for menu item ? If yes, please go to the megamenu panel, add icon class to the menu item you want. You can use Font Awesome 4 icon class or define a class by yourselves.

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