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  1. Oliver
  2. General Discussion
  3. Thursday, 04 December 2014
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I want to make a template with 2 navigations for me from the t3-bs3-blank template.
The first navigation is the topnavigation at the header section and it is the root-menu (Topnavigation).
The second navigation should be a submenu (mainnavigation) from the root-menu as the Megamenu.
So thats my problem.
I don´t know how can I show the submenu as the Megamenu.
I hope you understand my Problem and you can give me a idea or a solution for my problem.

Thank you very much!
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Hi Oliver,

Please check the documentation: http://www.t3-framework.org/documentation/bs3-customization#multi-instance-megamenu
Hope it helps you.

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