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  1. sgiobbio
  2. Sherlock Holmes
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  4. Sunday, 28 December 2014
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Hi Gardner,
I see me too the "Unexpected error. Please refresh the page try again later" when I try to perform the process "less to css".
But this error shows only on the live site, not on the local one (althoght they are absolutely identical).
My question is: if I compile locally less to css, then what are the modified files to upload on the server?
Perhaps the entire "t3_bs3_blank/css" folder?
Or also the "t3_bs3_blank/less" folder?
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Hi Sgiobbio,

You can customize your template style in local then upload the changed files to your host. You should upload both css and less folder. The reason is that if you compile LESS to CSS, the css files will be overridden so the less and css should be sync.

The error when compiling LESS to CSS can be caused of the following reasons:
- Make sure your template folder is writable so that when compiling less to css, the new css files can override the old ones.
- You should disable dev mode when compiling LESS to CSS.

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